10 Ways Your Life Is Like a Video Game

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Watch this great TED presentation by Steve Kamb to find out how to live your life like a great video game.trans

Steve Kamb has taken his online business to another level and experienced some mind-boggling things, all because of the way he sees life. Steve has taken the most addictive and enjoyable aspects of video game culture to level up in real life, culminating in his worldwide Epic quest for awesome.

Here’s how Steve Kamb, founder of Nerd Fitness, often compares life to a video game and his perspective for you:

  1. Leveling up: Think of your life as a character in an RPG. Every day you earn experience points. Whether you learn a new skill, hit the gym, or tackle a project, you’ll improve your stats.
  2. Quests and side missions: Your objectives are like main missions in a game, but don’t ignore the side missions. These are the hobbies, adventures and passions that make life richer and more fun.
  3. Health bar: Just like in games, your health bar matters. You need to take care of your body with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest to avoid burnout and stay in top condition.
  4. Inventory management: Your time, energy and resources are limited. Manage them wisely. Keep your inventory organized by focusing on what really matters and dropping what doesn’t serve you.
  5. Boss battles: Challenges and obstacles are like boss fights. They’re tough, but they’re designed to test your skills and encourage you to grow. Embrace them and learn from every defeat.
  6. Guilds and parties: You don’t have to go alone. Surround yourself with a supportive crew, your guild or party, who can help you, give advice and make the journey more fun.
  7. Unlock achievements: Celebrate your victories, big and small. Achievements aren’t just for gamers; recognizing your progress keeps you motivated and focused.
  8. Character customization: Personal development is like adjusting your character. Invest in yourself, refine your strengths and work on your weaknesses to become the best version of yourself.
  9. Reconnaissance: Don’t just stick to the main storyline. Explore new areas, try new things and step out of your comfort zone. The world is big and full of possibilities.
  10. Game over?: The game isn’t really over until it’s all over. If you fail, respawn, learn from your mistakes and try again. Every setback is simply another opportunity to improve and come back stronger.
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Life, like a video game, is an adventure full of opportunities to grow, learn and have fun. So grab your controller and start playing to win!

Steve Kamb – Treating life like a video game

Check out Steve Kamb’s great blog: NerdFitness.com

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