100 Good Morning Sunday Wishes, Messages and Greetings for a Happy Day

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Two cute cups of coffee with hearts in red fabric on them.

Sunday is there.

A day to rest and recharge, to have fun and spend time with the people you love.

To help you with that, I would like to share the most inspiring Good Morning Sunday wishes, messages and greetings to ensure that you have a wonderful Sunday morning and day.

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Good morning, happy Sunday messages

“Happy Sunday morning, my friend! I wish you a day full of fun, sunshine and lots of smiles.”

A sunset over a vast landscape.A sunset over a vast landscape.

“Good morning! Start this beautiful Sunday by reminding yourself that the most happiness in life comes from our relationships with the people we love. So make that a priority to make this a blessed day.”

“These are your good morning messages for Sunday: Stay positive, keep loving and don’t forget to have fun to make it the best Sunday.”

“May your beautiful Sunday morning be filled with tranquility, a lovely slow pace, and little moments of presence and bliss.”

“It’s up to you to make this the Sunday of your dreams. Will it be just another Sunday? Or will you make one that you will remember for the rest of the year?”

“Kind regards, my dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful morning and day with your loved ones and we pray that you will all be safe and successful.”

“May this Sunday morning be a blessed morning of joy, gratitude and strong family bonds over a long and sumptuous breakfast.”

“Relax, it’s Sunday! Make this blessed Sunday morning a time to recharge and rejuvenate your body and mind.”

“I wish you a Sunday full of love! Let this day unfold with lots of coffee, crossword puzzles, and reading with loved ones by your side.

“Sending you warm wishes this Sunday morning! I hope this simple message can brighten your day and remember I’m just a phone call away if you want to talk.

A couple holding hands during a sunset.A couple holding hands during a sunset.

“Wishing you a blessed Sunday, my love! I can not wait to see you again. You fill my heart with love and my life with joy.”

“Have a good morning and fully enjoy both the small and larger blessings of your day.”

“Start this Sunday with a positive attitude and attitude to set the tone for the rest of this blissful day.”

“Good morning! May you find what you desire today and may your problems soon be gone and forgotten.”

“Today, send the happiness and positivity you want into your own little world. Because what we bring to the relationship is often what we get back.”

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“Kickstart your Sunday with a boost of energy from people in your life or from other sources such as books or podcasts, so you are ready for an exciting and successful day.”

“Happy Sunday, my friend! Today, remember to count your blessings instead of your problems so that this day is a day full of blessings and reasons to smile.”

“Wake up and enjoy everything this morning and day has to offer.”

“Another morning, another miracle in this beautiful life. I wish you a beautiful Sunday morning, my love.

“Be here today and pay attention as you enjoy every second of this beautiful Sunday and the people and blessings within it.”

“Bring the positive and peaceful atmosphere on this day to help your friends and the people around you to start this morning well.”

Three girls sit outside and talk and laugh.Three girls sit outside and talk and laugh.

“On a Sunday full of peaceful thoughts, loving words and more hearty laughs than I can count.”

Positive good morning, happy sunday blessings

“It’s time to start a new day, take risks, go for what you want deep down and not spend too much time in your comfort zone.”

“This is your day, so take it easy, honey. Do what you want to do and maybe just enjoy doing nothing at all and watching the clouds go by.

“Dear Sunday, I have been longing for you all week and will enjoy this day to the fullest.”

“On a beautiful Sunday like this, you may be surrounded by peace, love and positive words and actions.”

“Sending lots of love this Sunday! Let the sunshine of spring enter your soul and make it an exciting and wonderful day.”

“Time to get up! It’s Sunday and I can’t wait to see you today or stop thinking about all the fun we’ll have.

“On this beautiful Sunday morning, I wish that your day is filled with happiness, that all your dreams may finally come true and self-love may blossom within.”

“Let go of the burdens and worries of this week for today and relax, have fun and plan a little for an even better week starting tomorrow.”

“Put your feet up, ask yourself optimistic questions, and know in your heart that positive change is coming to your life.”

A sunset on the island of Santorini.A sunset on the island of Santorini.

“Choose positive thoughts and positive actions today to have a wonderful day and week ahead!”

“May you have a wonderful day and I know better times and your dreams will come true very soon. Keep pushing and persevering, my friend.”

“I believe in you and your family. Things are tough right now, but we will pray for protection and guidance for all of you. And remember, we’re just a phone call or text away, so contact us anytime.”

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“You’re here, you’re alive and it’s a beautiful Sunday, so enjoy it as much as you can.”

“You are my blessing, my star in the sky and the love I keep deep in my heart. Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes and this will definitely be a great Sunday.”

“Enjoy your Sunday and rest for another successful and focused week!”

“Today, feed your mind with positivity through music, movies and of course the people you spend time with, to reach new heights in all areas of your life.”

“This Sunday, focus on the smiles and the little bits of joy and let go of your mental baggage.”

“May your day be blessed in small and bigger ways, but also in unexpected and beautiful ways.”

“Have a nice morning, but also remember that Sunday evening is a good time to make some plans for the week ahead, get your priorities straight and get started tomorrow morning.”

A sunny summer day at a lake.A sunny summer day at a lake.

“Make sure you have some relaxation today, take it easy and just have a bit of relaxing fun in the Sunday summer sun.”

“This morning, find three little things about your life that you can be grateful for and three little things about yourself that you can be grateful for. This will give you a big boost of gratitude and happiness as you start your Sunday.”

“Enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget to take time for yourself and what you love to do, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.”

“Go on an adventure today! Don’t wait, because life passes every day and now is definitely a good time to build a happy memory for the future.”

“I hope your heart is still full of hope. And if not, you can always lean on me until things get better.”

“Happy Sunday! Help today, be kind and listen more than you talk.

“Focus on the simple things, the simple joys on this day. It makes you feel fulfilled and happier much easier.”

“Good morning, I hope your day will be as bright as your smile and as loving as your heart.”

A dramatic landscape with large clouds above.A dramatic landscape with large clouds above.

“Make this Sunday a day of rest, reflection and recharge to build an even better week starting tomorrow.”

“My message to you is this: believe in yourself, trust your loved ones and always keep your eyes on the future and you will be fine.”

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“Adopt a leisurely pace and atmosphere today and let it carry over into tomorrow when it comes to keeping you grounded when things pick up speed again.”

“Good vibes, prayers and love to you and your loved ones, my friend. May this morning bring good news, and if not today, then very soon.”

“Today, pay attention and look for opportunities to find new paths forward and blessings in unexpected places.

“Make memories today that will help you stay positive, patient, and kind to yourself and others all week long.”

“Release that stress, that tension in your body. Just relax and make room for some self-care today to recharge your heart, mind and body.”

Short good morning and happy Sunday wishes and greetings

“Enjoy your Sunday, honey! Make it a wonderful day full of relaxation.”

A beautiful river and windmill somewhere in the Netherlands.A beautiful river and windmill somewhere in the Netherlands.

“It’s a new Sunday, a new opportunity, make the most of it!”

“Enjoy this Sunday of doing nothing and completely relaxing the way you want.”

“Rest today to be prepared for great things tomorrow!”

“Today you can just spend time doing what you love. Happy Sunday!”

“My very best wishes to you and your family, my dear friend!”

“Faith has brought us together and will help us stay together in all this uncertainty.”

“Breathe. Relax. Then on this beautiful morning, focus again on what is really important to you.

“May your Sunday be as kind and giving as you are.”

“Many little blessings to you and your loved ones on this beautiful Sunday morning.”

“May this Sunday make your dreams come true, just as you hoped and desired.”

“Cherish every moment on this beautiful day. Today will not come again.”

“Your love helps me to keep going, to keep trying. Thank you!”

“May peace and happiness find you soon on this sunny Sunday morning.”

“Smile more, give more, love more and you will find the same coming your way.”

“Make this Sunday morning what you really want. Make it unforgettable.”

“Relax. Have fun. Give lots of love and kindness. Have a nice Sunday, my friend!”

Good morning sunday photos and images

I’d like to end this post with some bonus images. A handful of selected good morning sunday images and pictures that will help you have a great sunday and that you can send to a friend or loved one who needs a positive boost this morning.

A sunrise with sunshine seeping through the clouds.A sunrise with sunshine seeping through the clouds.
A heart shape made of two hands with the sun in the middle.A heart shape made of two hands with the sun in the middle.
A woman stretches her arms at the edge of the sea.A woman stretches her arms at the edge of the sea.
A small white flower in the summer grass.A small white flower in the summer grass.

Want even more inspiration like this for your morning and for the week ahead? Then take a look at these blessings and kind messages and greetings:

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