50-player skateboarding game Wrekless announced

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Free Range Games, a studio founded by developers of the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, have announced Wrekless, an ambitious new skateboarding game,

Wrekless is in development for Windows PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store) and will launch via early access sometime later in 2024.

The current state of Wrekless is described as a “full-featured skateboarding video game” that lets you skate online with up to 50 players, a park builder, mini games, power ups, vehicles, signs, foliage, portals, different floor materials, and “a whole lot more.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Wrekless is our love letter to skateboarding culture. Play with up to 50 skaters online, pull off outlandish tricks, chain combos, and defy gravity. Simultaneously skate, build skateparks and minigames with other skaters in real-time, and share them with the community. Build fishbowls underneath other players, drop speed boosts in front of them or delete their rail mid-grind. Drop into a DIY skater’s paradise with a nearly endless selection of parks made by the developers and players like you. Unleash your creativity with the most powerful park builder in skating games with a massive asset library. Put up a city block and skate on streets and rooftops, a beachside park with halfpipes and rails, or go off the wall with icy floors, launchers, and portals. Customize your skater, grab a board, and…SKATE. BUILD. SHARE.

Free Range Games was founded by former developers of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and other action sports games in the 2000s. Wrekless is the massively multiplayer collaborative skateboarding game we’ve always wanted to make.


  • SKATE and master a superabundance of real world and impossible tricks. Chain big trick combos together to build up your boost meter. Use your boost to perform bigger, gravity-defying tricks.
  • BUILD (+REAL-TIME CREATION) quickly construct a classic warehouse park with halfpipes, laser lights, and mini-games. Or build a city-sized skate dreamscape with bouncy floors, lava pits, and meteor showers. You and your friends can also simultaneously build + ride skateparks together. Drop a speed boost and kicker in front of your friends as they jam down a mega ramp. Or grief ‘em by dropping a giant bus in their path.
  • SHARE your parks with the community. Attract players with your amazing creations to be awarded Most Popular Park. The more your parks are ridden and appreciated, the quicker your build stats skyrocket.
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF with over 500 customizable cosmetic items including boost trail effects, and weather elements for your skate parks. Unlock items by earning in-game points from completing achievements, playing mini-games, and having players skate your parks.
  • LINE RECORDING allows you to record 20 seconds of gameplay to save epic performances. Leave behind a LINE of you hand standing the deck while soaring over a goalpost. Visit parks to check out laid down LINES. Can you pull off what they did? Can you best them? Record it for prosperity.
  • MAKE FRIENDS In Wrekless, it’s easy to make friends or party up with other skaters. Follow your friends or a party to discover new parks and challenges. Host and compete in mini-games to build up your stats.
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