A Look Inside J6 with Larry Stackhouse in the first interview with the newly released J6er – Incredible insight into the hopelessness and despair that many J6ers suffer from | The Gateway expert

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Continued last week Inside J6 brought to you by Blessed.News and The Gateway PundiJ6er Larry Stackhouse joined us for his very first public interview after serving his sentence.

Stackhouse discussed his presence at the meeting with J6er’s fiancĂ©e and Blessed.News founder Jake Lang, who has been locked up without trial for more than 1,200 days.

Stackhouse witnessed firsthand the abuses and incitement that day, which began with the shooting of tear gas, pepper balls and other munitions into a peaceful crowd that sang, chanted and prayed. He was also in close proximity to Derrick Vargo, who was pushed off a 30-foot railing by a police officer, fell several stories and suffered a broken leg. Stackhouse witnessed police not necessarily helping Vargo, but rather forming a perimeter around him.

The DC police officer who pushed Vargo was identified as Officer Bryant Williams and, like Lt. Michael Byrd, who shot Ashli ​​Babbitt, has not been charged despite recklessly endangering Vargo by pushing him rather than pushing him over pull the railing to safety. Vargo posed no threat as the balcony was full of police officers who could have tackled him after he was apprehended.

Stackhouse also provides an intimate look at the personal suffering he and many other J6ers endured, including being released from prison with no money, no phone, and complete abandonment by those closest to them after he was labeled “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionist” by a Mockingbird Media narrative. Stackhouse was not charged with any violence that day and was in the Capitol for just eight minutes after being admitted by Capitol Police.

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