Air India receives a warning from the Civil Aviation Ministry over a 20-hour flight delay, BA

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The Civil Aviation Ministry on Friday issued a show-cause notice to Air India following a 20-hour delay on a Delhi-San Francisco flight. The Tata Group airline has been asked to respond within three days.

“It has come to the attention of DGCA that flight Al-179 of May 24, 2024 and flight Al-183 of May 30, 2024 were excessively delayed and passengers experienced inconvenience due to insufficient cooling in the cabin,” the ministry said in the newspaper. notification.

Thursday’s flight was delayed because passengers had to sit on the plane without air conditioning in the capital’s scorching heat. Some of them reportedly fainted from the heat, while others begged to be allowed to get out.

Some passengers of the flight took to social media to complain about the delay and one of them pointed out the air conditioning problem during the flight.

“If there is a privatization story that has failed, it is that @airindia @DGCAIndia flight was delayed by more than 8 hours. is inhumane! @JM_Scindia,” Shweta Punj, a journalist, said in a post on X on Thursday evening.

She also shared a photo of passengers sitting on the ground at Delhi airport.

The airline official said a technical problem had occurred with the aircraft and technical checks had been carried out.

In March, aviation safety watchdog BCAS had issued new guidelines that allow passengers to disembark from a plane through an airport’s departure gate in case there is a long delay in operating the flight after boarding.
The directive from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) came against the backdrop of increasing congestion and flight delays, leaving passengers stuck on planes after hours of boarding. BCAS director general Zulfiquar Hasan said on April 1 the guidelines will help ensure passengers are “less harassed” and do not have to sit on a plane for hours after boarding.

In case of long flight delays and other emergencies after boarding, passengers may depart the flight via the departure gate of the relevant airport.

“Airport operators should make arrangements for infrastructure, including for screening, for implementing the guidelines,” Hasan had said, adding that a decision on passenger disembarkation will be taken by the concerned airlines and security agencies.

It could not immediately be determined whether Air India has chosen to follow these guidelines.

  • Published on May 31, 2024 6:23 PM IST

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