Bantleon buys majority stake in Credit Suisse Investment Partners

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Bantleon acquired a 62% majority stake in Credit Suisse Investment Partners from UBS at the end of May. With this acquisition, the asset manager, specialized in institutional clients, has increased its assets under management by approximately €1 billion (CHF 1 billion) to CHF 24 billion.

The long-standing minority shareholders will remain on board, as Bantleon wrote in a press release. In the future, the company will operate under the name Bantleon Convertible Experts.

Credit Suisse Investment Partners was founded in 2007 by Stefan Hiestand under the name AgaNola as a specialist in convertible bonds. In March 2020, Credit Suisse Asset Management acquired a majority stake. The team consists of five specialists and manages four investment funds and specialty funds. According to Bantleon, the team and management will be fully retained.

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