Biden’s D-Day trip triggers Trump meltdown in Las Vegas

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Donald Trump fell apart in Las Vegas as he tried to talk his way out of confirmed reports of him calling the troops losers and losers.

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Trump said:

He said: I stood over the graves of soldiers. And I said: these people are losers and losers, we think of dead soldiers from the First World War. I said this was a fabricated magazine deal that failed financially by a horrible radical left lunatic named Goldberg. They made up a story that I said this and they put it out and it’s been going around for three years and it’s like Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, 51 intelligence agents that fake story. Please note that the laptop comes from Russia. They said they should be prosecuted for what they did. OK? They should be pros, let’s see what, let’s see what happens. But you can imagine that. And now they’ve taken an ad, they know it’s fake, they know it’s false. And now they made an ad with it. These are sick people and I hope that the army, I hope that the army rises up at the voting booth and just says that we will not accept it.

They can say anything. They are a party of disinformation, disinformation, election fraud, open borders, high interest rates and high taxes. That’s all. And you can’t get elected like that. So they make up stories, disinformation, a story like that. Look at it from a practical point of view. I’m standing there with generals and soldiers in a cemetery and I look at them, I say these people are losers and losers. Think about that, unless you’re a psychopath or a lunatic or a really stupid person who would say that anyway. But who would say it to soldiers with soldiers? Because as president of the United States, I would say that if I made that statement, if I have generals here, if I have any, I would imagine that most of them would end up in a big fight with the president. OK? And you know what I would have said: it was okay, in that one case they made up a story, they just came out of nowhere.


Trump’s former chief of staff confirmed the story of losers and losers

Trump is trying to rewrite history and the facts by claiming that the story was made up by the Democrats. While the story was first reported by The Atlantic. It was later confirmed by former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who narrated it CNN in a statement:

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What can I add that hasn’t already been said? Someone who thinks that those who defend their country in uniform, or who are shot or seriously injured in combat, or who are tortured for years as prisoners of war, are all “suckers” because “it’s of no use to them.” ‘ A person who didn’t want to be seen in the presence of military amputees because ‘it doesn’t look good to me.’ An individual who showed open disdain for a Gold Star family – for all Gold Star families – on TV during the 2016 campaign, ranting that our dearest heroes who gave their lives in defense of America are “losers” and their graves would not visit in France.

What caused this Trump meltdown was that President Biden had a successful D-Day anniversary trip to France, where the current president paid his respects to the Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy. Donald Trump is trying to rewrite history and reverse the things he said.

Trump knows he can’t compete with Biden and the presidential stage, so he’s trying to do damage control and blame Democrats for his own behavior.

Tellingly, the crowd seemed to veer away from Trump and wander as he melted away.

Trump’s damage control isn’t even working for his most devoted audience, as he continues to reveal a disinterest in the future and an obsession with the past.

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