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A new poll from Roanoke College shows Donald Trump tied with Joe Biden in Virginia.

This is the real reason the Democrats and the media are so desperate to put Trump in jail. He is outperforming recent Republican candidates in places where Democrats think they have made the population vote blue forever.

The truth is that even though Virginia hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential race since 2004, before that, the state has voted red in every presidential election dating back to 1968.

Trump could certainly turn Virginia red again in November.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Donald Trump may have a chance to win Virginia

The last time the Commonwealth of Virginia supported a Republican presidential candidate was in 2004, when then-President George W. Bush delivered 10 straight victories for the Republican Party in the Old Dominion, but former President Donald Trump has a chance to buck that trend this month to turn. November.

Once considered a perennial swing state, Virginia has tilted somewhat toward the Democratic Party in recent elections. Former President Barack Obama won the state in 2008 and in 2012, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carried the state in her losing 2016 campaign, and President Joe Biden won the state in 2020 by a 10-point margin. In statewide elections, Republicans have fared slightly better, winning races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in 2009 and 2021, while Democrats won the same positions in 2013 and 2017. Democrats have held both Senate seats since 2006…

Against this backdrop, a new poll from Roanoke College shows the state’s presidential elections are evenly matched. Biden and Trump both registered 42% support in the new poll, with the president posting a narrow two-point lead when third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West and Jill Stein are included.

For a state that has hardly been competitive for Republicans in recent cycles, the poll results are nothing short of astonishing. If Biden fails to win Virginia in November, his path to 270 electoral votes and a second term in the White House is virtually non-existent, given his polling in other swing states.

View the full survey results here.

If Trump turns Virginia red in November, Biden will be toast. And it is very possible.

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