Cardiologists identify COVID-19 vaccine as possible cause of young professionals’ heart problem | The Gateway expert

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(Credit: Florencia Tarque/Facebook)

Medical professionals are beginning to take a closer look at the potential adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines, especially after a series of health complications among younger adults.

Florencia Tarque, a 29-year-old Director of International Recruiting at Puulse Marketing, has come forward with a personal health crisis that her cardiologists suggest may be related to her COVID-19 vaccination.

“Note: cardiologists now say my heart problem is more than likely a result of the COVID vaccine,” she further wrote Facebook.

Tarque, an athlete who lives a lifestyle centered around wellness, experienced a shocking medical scare earlier this month when she was hospitalized after three electrocardiograms (ECGs) indicated signs of a heart attack.

Despite the alarming EKG results, an urgently performed angiogram revealed no blockages, leaving both Tarque and her medical team baffled. It was later determined that she had developed myopericarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding tissue.

The image above shows Florencia Tarque’s pulse after her angiogram procedure. Tarque describes the process as painful because he was awake the entire time. (Credit: Florencia Tarque/Facebook)

Tarque expressed her frustration and anger in a series of social media posts, highlighting the mandatory nature of the vaccination for her work and travel commitments.

“I’m angry because countless athletes aged 20 and older now have heart problems,” she said, reflecting a concern echoed in several communities around the world.

In a follow-up post, Tarque revealed that an MRI confirmed that she had indeed suffered a heart attack, despite the lack of coronary blockages or other typical indicators of such an event.

The angiogram showed no blockage or coronary problem the day I had my heart attack. Three ECGs showed a heart attack. A week later my MRI confirmed a heart attack,” she said.

“29 years old, I have played sports all my life. No health problems. WTF, ‘she wrotewhich summed up her shock and disbelief.

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There are many similar cases to Tarque. Functional medicine practitioner Jon Mitchell noted, “I have a lot of clients who have a lot of random health issues pop up after getting the shot. Autoimmune diseases, clotting throughout the body, brain abnormalities, heart problems, iron deficiency, etc. Some doctors recognize it, but few speak out. It’s infuriating.”

The majority of so-called health care experts continue to argue that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths from the virus far outweigh the risks of side effects.

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