Cobb’s Adventure Park just outside of Calgary hit by vandals – Calgary

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It’s a family favorite on the outskirts of Calgary, but the owners of Cobb’s Adventure Park are anything but amused as they prepare to open the season.

“We wanted to throw up. It’s heartbreaking. There is a lot of damage here,” said Mike Sheppard, who owns the park with his wife Maureen Sheppard.

The adventure park was hit by vandals, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. A winter storage tent is littered with glass shards after windows from antique cars and a new tractor were smashed.

“This is a tractor that we bought brand new two years ago. We’re still paying for it, and they destroyed every glass in the hit,” Mike said.

“They crushed this roof, jumped on the back… I’ve been in the auto industry, it probably cost $20,000 to fix.

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“It makes me cry. It’s hard, very hard, to think that people want to do this. My wife and I love this place. We never deducted salaries from it. The park does not earn enough to receive salaries,’

A winter storage tent is littered with shards of glass after windows from antique cars and a new tractor were smashed.

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Mike and Maureen said they filed a police report. The RCMP said in an emailed statement to Global News that there were no suspects, no evidence and no oversight, so the file was closed.

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Mounties are encouraging home and business owners to install motion lights and surveillance cameras to protect their property. Cobb’s Adventure Park has both in some parts of the property, but unfortunately not near the storage tent. The owners are now trying to beef up the security system, but it’s not a cheap task.

“It’s going to be difficult. We will likely have to take out a personal loan to pay for this damage and it will likely impact the amount of staff we can afford,” said Maureen.

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“It would be nice if the police could do something about it… They could come and take fingerprints. It’s frustrating.”

The animals that call the farm home were not affected. But the Sheppards still fear holes in the future. They plan to open for a long weekend in May, but it may have to be without the crowd favorite for a while.

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