Concord price, beta, preorder details for PS5 and PC confirmed

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Following the Concord PS5 and PC reveal during last week’s State of Play broadcast, Sony and developer Firewalk Studios have shared more information about their upcoming team-based shooter.

First, let’s talk about the price. Concord is not a free-to-play title and will be launching on August 23rd – both physically and digitally for £34.99 here in the UK and $39.99 / €39.99 / ¥4,480 in other regions. This base version of the game includes 16 playable characters (known as “Freegunners”) with access to 12 maps, and game modes. The team at Firewalk stress that a roadmap of free post-launch updates are planned after launch. As a non F2P game, it’s likely that additional core content such as new maps and modes will be made available for everyone, though additional characters (or at least fancy cosmetics) could be stuck behind a paywall.

Speaking of fancy cosmetics, the Concord Digital Deluxe Edition will include a bonus outfit for each Freegunner. Priced at £49.99, or $59.99 / €59.99 / ¥6,480 MSRP, it also includes early access to the multiplayer shooter, allowing you to drop into the action three days before the great unwashed.

Preorders for both versions are now live, and will net you a bonus cosmetic pack for Freegunner Vale. More importantly, preordering will grant you access to the upcoming Concord beta, which will feature online cross-play between PS5 and PC. Firewalk are still waiting to share exact details on the closed beta, though it has confirmed that pre-orders will unlock not just one beta code, but five, allowing you and your gun-toting galactic companions to get in on the action.

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After being shrouded in obscurity for many months, Concord was Sony’s main featured title during its latest State of Play broadcast. Dubbed by onlookers as a flashy mix of Overwatch and Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s a 5-vs-5 multiplayer shooter that has you battling across a diverse array of planets in tense, team-based modes, utilising the unique loadouts and powers of its Freegunner heroes.

As a live service title, Concord was bound to catch some flack even with its impressive debut trailer and gameplay footage. Let’s hope if follows in the recent footsteps of Helldivers 2 in showing how live service games can still thrive in 2024 if handled properly. We’ll be sure to report back with our initial thoughts on Concord when get some early hands-on playtime.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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