Drag Race’s Jinkx Monsoon describes her villainous ‘Doctor Who’ role

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Jinkx monsoon


Jinkx monsoon is already double RuPaul’s Drag Race champion and a Broadway star, but now she can add “terrifying sci-fi villain” to her resume.

Monsoon, 36, stars as Maestro in the Friday, May 10 episode Doctor whoand she had a blast diving into the role.

“As a character actor who loves to work in the absurd and the over-the-top, to play a divine demonic embodiment of music – I mean, roles like this don’t come around very often,” Monsoon shared exclusively. We weekly for her Doctor who debut. “I’ve gotten to play some really cool roles, but this has everything in one character. So it was just a dream job. I still can’t believe I was asked to do this job. It was incredible.”

The character Maestro wasn’t written specifically for Monsoon, but the role has all the campy charm that made her a fan favorite and two-time winner Drag race. She landed the gig after showrunner Russell T Davies attended one of her shows.

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“He saw my show Together Again, Again! … I played myself in my 80s in this show that I wrote, and I kind of play a monstrous version of myself,” Monsoon shared Us. ‘I think he saw something in it [there] that he wanted for this villain. Some of the character existed before me and some of it was added to incorporate my strengths.

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The monsoon lasts a long time Doctor who fan, but she was especially excited to appear on the show this season Ncuti Gatwa takes over as the first openly LGBTQIA+ actor to play the Doctor. Monsoon’s character, Maestro, is also non-binary – and pointedly corrects another character on their pronouns during their first scene.

Jinkx Monsoon describes her dream job as a divine demon embodiment of music on Doctor Who

Jinkx monsoon


Doctor who has always had a large queer fanbase, and the fact that this season really leans into the inherent queerness that has always existed in Doctor whoit feels like it’s a new version of Doctor who that is very bad for the fan base,” said Monsoon Us. “I feel so lucky that this is the season I get to participate in because I have been a fan of Russell’s writing for so long, and I find his work so productive and impactful.”

She continued: “Now that it gives the fresh perspective of Ncuti as the Doctor and invites people like me to guest star, we keep these things alive. We need to embrace new perspectives because that’s what the public wants. We want truth. We want authenticity. We want the stories to have meaning because the artists telling the stories care and the representation matters. It actually improves everything for everyone: everyone can get the best out of themselves.”

Because Maestro is non-binary, it’s written into the script, and Monsoon thinks gender identity makes perfect sense for the character.

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“Why would a god care about gender? Why would a god adhere to the gender rules we have created?” asks Monsoon. ‘They don’t care. And being asked to play a character who becomes a rebel in that way? Like, “I don’t care about human norms and societal norms. Why? Because I’m so much more powerful than all of that.’ That is a powerful message. Even though I was playing a villain, that’s a very powerful message to send to your audience.

As well as making a big impression on Doctor Who, Monsoon currently stars as Audrey Small horror shop through May 26 at the Westside Theater in New York City. She also returns to Chicago next month as Matron “Mama” Morton after making her Broadway debut in the role last year. When asked which role she most identifies with, Monsoon chose Mama, but she still loves Audrey.

“I guess I don’t really identify with Audrey. “I’ve always loved the character, but I’ve always seen in Audrey other women that I know,” she explained. “So honestly, I feel like I’m more in tune with Mama Morton. I am very much the matriarch of my chosen family. And even though I’m not the oldest female person in my blood family, my mother and my aunt have more or less conceded that I’m the matriarch. It’s an Encanto situation.”

Doctor who streams on Disney+ Fridays at 7pm ET.

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