Elon Musk’s Tesla has quietly eliminated more than 3,400 job openings, leaving just three in the US

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Do you dream of a career at Elon Musk’s visionary electric car giant Tesla? Then you’ll have to compete for one of only three jobs available if you live in America, because the $547 billion company just quietly axed thousands of listings.

Until recently, on Tuesday, Tesla was advertising more than 3,400 job openings in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico — the majority of which were in California, Texas and Nevada, according to Quartz analysis of archived pages.

All roles, from operators of prototype vehicles to construction carpenters have since been dropped – and all that remains are three spots in Tesla’s Manufacturing Development Program.

But they don’t appear to be full-time jobs – at least at first glance – with two of the ads boasting that successful candidates will have to complete between seven and 16 weeks of training (depending on whether you’re applying for the gig in Texas or California) before getting hired. was given the “opportunity to move” to Production Associate. No promises.

Meanwhile, the third opening of Nevada’s Manufacturing Development Program will last just four to six weeks and is specifically marked as an internship only, according to Tesla’s website.

Do you still want to be part of Musk’s vision of Tesla becoming the future of ‘solving autonomy’ for self-driving cars?

You will then be required to “bending, lying, bending, reaching, crouching, kneeling, crouching, twisting and crawling for extended periods of time, including up to 12 hours per day,” according to the job description.

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Hopeful new hires will also need to be able to “carry 20 pounds.” up and down stairs’, be okay with ‘exposure to hazardous materials’ and be open to flexible working ‘including during the day, at night, at night and/or on weekends.’

Fortune has approached Tesla for comment.

Trouble in paradise at Tesla

Make no mistake: Tesla has big goals — with Musk proclaiming that the company will succeed in its mission to solve autonomy even if he gets “abducted by aliens” — and there were more than At the end of last year, 140,000 people to help realize these lofty ambitions.

But the past few months after that recalls millions of its cars And when car sales began to decline, the company was hit by layoffs, hiring freezes and layoffs of seniors.

“Of [Tesla’s] Due to rapid growth, there is duplication of roles and functions in certain areas,” said Musk wrote to employees last month, explaining that at least 14,000 workers would lose their jobs. “There’s nothing I hate more, but it has to be done.”

Since then, employees have been receiving layoff notices in waves over the course of four weeks. “I’m going to keep waiting for Elon to send another email and tell us they’re finally done laying people off,” said a current Tesla employee Business insider.

Just last week, Musk fired Tesla’s entire Supercharger team, including its top female executive, and brazenly told employees that he “absolutely hardcore” with layoffs and cuts.

“While some on the executive staff are taking this seriously, most are not,” added the tech billionaire who also owns SpaceX and X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Then Allie Arebalo, Tesla’s top HR executive (and another of the company’s most senior women), handed in her resignation and joined a handful of other senior leaders in voting with their feet and resigning from the currently tumultuous tech company.

Even Drew Baglino, the company’s former senior vice president in charge of powertrain engineering and one of the leading contenders to one day replace Musk on the Tesla throne, has cashed in. Baglino recently liquidated virtually his entire stake in the company – worth $181 million – just days after leaving the company.

Now the company has cut its summer internship program to cut costs, and young, ambitious employees have been told their offers have been rescinded just weeks before they were due to start work.

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