Empire of the Ants gets an ant-tastic trailer and a release date!

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Given the number of games that our eyes and inboxes are now full of, it’s hard to pick out our favourites. That said, Empire of the Ants definitely has our attention. Based on the ant-filled novel from Bernard Werber, this is an RTS that focuses on the small stuff, and by small stuff we mean the life and trials of an ant, and the various insectoid creatures that they encounter and command.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, the visuals are seriously impressive, looking as close to real life as we’re currently able to achieve. If you’ve played the indie RTS Empires of the Undergrowth, there are plenty of elements here that you’ll recognise, particularly the attacks by your ant troops, but as you’re playing a particular ant – that’s 103,683e if you want to be specific – it feels as though it may play more like Pikmin as you command your groups directly.

There’s also seemingly plenty of exploration, with your hero ant traipsing through the blades of grass, up branches and across the dirt as you encounter all sorts of landscapes including items left behind by humans like a decaying football. Hopefully, the game will blend storytelling and strategy, with developer Tower 5’s previous game Lornsword Winter Chronicle showcasing their ability to match meaningful tactics to a narrative.

Bernard Werber’s Empire of the Ants has captivated millions of readers, and was originally translated into video game form all the way back in 2000 for PC, releasing on PC and published again by Microids. While it wasn’t hugely well received by critics, it featured over 60 different species of insect to encounter. Hopefully the new game will offer a similar level of variety.

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Empire of the Ant’s release date is on the 9th of November, 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned to TheSIxthAxis for more!

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