Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen buys new reality TV show ‘The Fixer’

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“My name is Michael Cohen, and for years I was the personal attorney for a notoriously bad man,” Cohen says in the clip. “I fixed it [Trump’s] problems both professionally and personally, gaining power, wealth and fame along the way. And I paid the price for it.”

“I have been on a journey of redemption ever since, working to set things right with my family, my friends, my country, speaking truth to power and calling it like I see it,” Cohen continued. “Now I pay it forward and use the tools I learned for everyday people in trouble.”

“The little guy doesn’t normally have access to people with my specific skills. But that’s all about to change. I work with you and provide expertise, advice and solutions to solve your problems. Together we will change your life. I am your repairman.”

Cohen was Trump’s lawyer from 2006 to 2018, when he pleaded guilty to eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud and bank fraud.

He was barred from practicing law in New York and sentenced to three years in prison, eventually being released in November 2021.

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Michael Avenatti, another disgraced former attorney who represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against Trump in 2018 and is currently serving 19 years in prison for fraud, extortion and embezzlement, said the After that Cohen “would have a much better chance if he pitched a show called ‘The Moron.’ This man destroys everything he touches in a spectacularly stupid way.”

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Cohen was allegedly ordered by Trump to pay Daniels $13,000 to cover up an alleged affair ahead of the 2016 presidential election. He will take the stand and testify in Trump’s high-profile hush money trial on Monday.

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