First trailer for ‘Harry Potter’ Quidditch video game, release date announced

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Warner Bros. Games has released the first trailer for its next video game in the Wizarding World universe: “Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.”

The studio released footage from Summer Game Fest on Friday, which also revealed the launch date for the sequel to “Hogwarts Legacy,” which debuts on September 3.

According to WB Games’ official description for the game: “Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions features iconic Wizarding World locations, characters and references that fans will love, highlighting the thrill of flying through legendary arenas as Beater, Chaser, Keeper or Seeker. in different modes. From backyard battles in the Weasley lair to high-stakes showdowns at the Quidditch World Cup, players fly to legendary arenas and play as – or against – iconic characters such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and many other quintessential characters.

According to Warner Bros. players who own “Hogwarts Legacy” will receive the “Bonus Legacy Pack” as a “special gift” when they download “Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions” and connect to their WB Games account.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions gives fans the opportunity to delve further into the Harry Potter world with the thrill of playing this beloved, fantastic sport,” said David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Games. “The team has worked to capture the spirit of Quidditch, including iconic characters and never-before-seen areas of the wizarding world.”

Paul Ohanian, CEO of Unbroken Studios, added: “The team is thrilled to unveil Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions and showcase our vision for this magical sport. We’ve worked hard to create a Quidditch game that you can play alone or with friends that is an authentic representation of the favorite sport.”

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Watch the trailer below.

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