Fox Anchor blasts Trump’s lawyer over claims Joe Biden was behind hush money lawsuit in heated interview

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Habba’s arguments echoed claims Trump himself has made several times, including during jury deliberations. While complaining about the case outside the courthouse on Wednesday, he said told reporters it “was all done by Joe Biden.”

Last month, before his hush-money trial began, the ex-president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee announced at a rally in Pennsylvania: “In two days, the entire world will witness the beginning of the first-ever Biden trial.”

A few days later, during jury selection, he told a crowd outside a bodega in New York City: “This trial I have now is a Biden trial.”

“As you witness this Biden trial, I ask all Americans to remember that this is not just about me, this is about our country and this is about you,” Trump stated in his speech. a video on April 15.

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