Gabby Petito’s family speaks after release of Brian Laundrie’s writings and drawings

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The FBI reportedly found the surprising diary entries during a raid on Laundrie’s Florida home shortly after Petito’s body was found. dumped at a remote campsite in Wyoming.

In several entries, Laundrie wrote about his ‘mania’. Others include drawings of skulls next to notes like “Trust No One” and “Kill.”

“About a year ago I fell into a kind of mania where I was punching holes in the wall with my head,” Laundrie wrote in a surprising diary entry. “I wanted to die, and the strange thing is that nothing has changed.”

“Under the mattress I lie on is a loaded 357 magnum revolver,” he wrote in another article. “One pull of the trigger and all my problems will be over.”

Petito’s parents were shocked by the recently released writings and drawings from Laundrie’s diary. They also acknowledged that Laundrie was likely suffering from a “mental health crisis.”

“It’s pretty clear that Brian was having some sort of mental health crisis, and it would have been positive for him if he had gotten help,” says Petito’s father. Joseph Petitosaid further Banfield this week.

“I think there was definitely a mental health crisis going on there and something could have been done about it.” Nicole SchmidtPetito’s mother agreed.

Petito’s mother also admitted that “Brian that [they] saw were not the things that [they] heard” with the FBI’s recent release of Laundrie’s disturbing diary entries.

“The Brian we saw was not the stuff we heard about today,” she told NewsNation’s Banfield of the recently released writings and drawings. “That was the first time we saw that.”

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If previously reported, Petito’s family’s decision to appear on NewsNation this week for an exclusive interview came just a few days after the slain 22-year-old’s mother forgave Laundrie before her daughter’s death.

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“I forgive you, Brian,” Schmidt said at this year’s CrimeCon 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend.

But while Petito’s mother forgave Laundrie for her daughter’s death, so did she eviscerated Laundrie’s mother and accused Laundrie’s mother of being involved in the tragedy.

“Roberta, you shattered your family and mine with your evil ways,” Schmidt said in an interview rack focused on Roberta Laundrie. “I see no empathy in your eyes, no remorse in your heart.”

Petito’s mother also discussed the decision behind her comments to Laundrie and Laundrie’s mother during her performance on Banfield this week.

Schmidt explained that it was “something for [her] let go” and “a way for [her] to move forward,” almost three years after her daughter’s murder.

“I feel like it was something for me to let go of, and it was a way for me to move forward,” she explained. “With Roberta, I don’t think she deserves any more attention or deserves to be in my space and in my head, so I let that go.”

“And I just don’t want to think about her anymore,” Petito’s mother added. “I’m moving forward anyway, without forgiveness for what she did.”

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