How to get the thirsty guards a drink in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

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Despite their smaller scale and less advanced technology, the original Pokemon games were much less linear than some of the newer adventures. They often included puzzles which forced you to explore all of the area available to you, most of the time without any hints as to where to look.

One notorious example of this in the Generation 1 Pokemon games is where to get a drink for the thirsty guards that block your passage through various gates throughout Kanto. In subsequent remakes, this was changed so that the drink was a key item you were given through story progress.

However, in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, there’s a more involved process you have to undertake.

Where to get a drink for the thirsty guards

To pass the thirsty guards in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, you need to purchase either a fresh water, soda pop or lemonade from one of the vending machines on the rooftop terrace of Celadon City department store.

To get there from when you first encounter one of these blocked gates, defeat the trainers on the nugget bridge in Celrulean City, then the trainers to reach Bill’s house. Save him and get the SS Anne ticket.

Next, go to Vermillion City by going through the house guarded by the police in Cerulean, then all the way down to the bottom and through the tunnel to get to Vermillion City. At the bottom of Vermillion City, past the Fan Club where you get the bike voucher, complete the SS Anne. After entering, go left down the stairs, then down and to the right to battle your rival, then get the Cut HM.

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Use Cut to reach the Vermillion City gym, then go through Diglett Cave and cut the tree below the house. Go down and into the building, then talk to Professor Oak’s Aide to get HM 05 Flash.

Next, go back towards Cerulean City and cut down the tree to the right of the house guarded by the police to reach the road to Rock Tunnel. Go through Rock Tunnel and you will be in Lavender Town. Go all the way left, then into the building guarded by the four trainers to reach a tunnel to Celadon City.

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In Celadon City, go all the way to the left and into the department store. Go to the top floor and interact with the vending machine. Grab any drink you want, then make your way to any of the guards. Hand over the beverage and they will share it with every other guard in the region. This opens up shortcuts to Vermillion City, Celadon City and more via Saffron City in the middle of the Kanto region.

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