Influencer and billionaire newlywed Katherine Asplundh was criticized for begging woman for Instagram handle

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Source: Reddit/StringSilly2839

Katherine Asplundh, influencer and newlywed wife of billionaire Cabot Asplundh, found herself at the center of a social media firestorm for targeting a woman through an Instagram account.

May 8, 2024, published at 6:00 PM ET

Katherine Asplundhinfluencer and newlywed billionaire Cabot Asplundhfound herself at the center of a social media firestorm for dragging a woman over an Instagram account, can reveal.

Katherine dropped her maiden name, Driscoll, after tying the knot on April 27 to the Pennsylvania tree maintenance company heir. She wanted to make her new name official on Instagram, but those hopes were dashed when she learned that someone else had already stolen the username. @KatherineAsplundh.

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The influencer messaged the person on her account, @katherinedrisc – which appeared to have been deleted on Wednesday – and offered to buy the handle.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could buy your username from you. I just got married and this is my new name,” she wrote using screenshots posted to the Subreddit NYCInfluence snark.

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The owner of the coveted account, whose name is Kate, told me Philadelphia researcher that she became nervous after researching the logistics of selling an Instagram account.

“I use this account to post and archive photos that I don’t want to post to my main account,” she explained in her Subreddit post. “I thought this was a scam at first.”

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Source: MEGA

Katherine married Pennsylvania tree maintenance company heir Cabot Asplundh on April 27.

In a reply to Katherine, Kate wrote: “Hello, congratulations! That’s my name too. I just googled it and it said if I sold my username I would be banned from Instagram.”

The new bride said this was “not true” and claimed: “I bought my username in the past.”

“Celebrities do it all the time,” she added, “so they all have their handles as their full names.”

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The influencer followed with another post that read, “So weird I didn’t know there was another Asplundh family,” adding that there was no one in our family named Katherine Asplundh.

“I see you’re not that active here, but started Instagram in 2018 and changed your username three times?” Katherine wrote before receiving a response. “Is there any way I can get you to change your username again?”

Kate wrote back and explained that she was using the account for “private stories.”

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Katherine Asplundh
Source: Reddit/StringSilly2839

Asplundh refused to take no for an answer in her efforts to secure the username.



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“I don’t want to get banned,” she said. “Sorry!”

Katherine’s tone then turned accusatory, as the newlyweds responded, “I don’t actually believe your name is Katherine Asplundh,” wondering, “who would make their finsta their real name?”

“I reported you on Instagram and they can tell me your real name,” she claimed, adding, “I really hope I don’t know you because that will be very embarrassing for you.”

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“You can report me,” Kate replied, to which Katherine claimed that she and her fiancé had both already done so.

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The account holder then wrote, “You’re asking me to do something to get my account banned. I doubt Instagram would take that lightly.”

Katherine’s accusations continued as she responded, “I’m asking you to change your username because you’ve been pretending to be someone you’re not.” She called the user’s actions “illegal.”

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Katherine Asplundh
Source: Reddit/StringSilly2839

Katherine insisted she did not believe the user’s real name was Katherine Asplundh.

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“My name is Katherine,” Kate said, before telling the influencer that she too had been reported because “you asked to buy my username. That is against Instagram’s rules.”

The influencer refused to give up, sending another stream of messages after apparently searching the name on Facebook and concluding, “The family I just married is the only Asplundh in America.”

In her defense, Kate said, “I’m not American.” But the interrogation continued, with Katherine demanding ‘proof’ of Kate’s legal name.

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The account holder said in her Subreddit post that while she was initially “open to giving her my username,” Katherine’s messages came across as snarky, so I told myself, ‘Okay, this isn’t worth it.'”

She ended the conversation with “Have a nice day.”

Katherine received backlash from Reddit users in Kate’s defense, with one commenter writing, “Legitimately INSANE behavior,” and another saying the influencer’s change in tone “gave me whiplash.”

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