Interstellar hospital management sim Galacticare launches later this month

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The alien-filled hospital management sim Galacticare will launch on 23rd May, developer Brightrock Games and publisher CULT Games have announced. Interstellar healthcare will be coming out across PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam, Epic and GOG.

Galacticare will take the enduring Theme Hospital style of irreverent hospital management and shoot it into outer space, where you’ll have to build a sci-fi hospital that can take care of all manner of unusual alien illnesses.

There will be 49 distinct conditions for you to treat, all with weird side effects, affecting seven different alien races. You’ll have to cater to different needs, handle doctors with different quirks and train them up through skill trees, and do your best to optimise the flow of your hospital – all of this in the name of increasing your Hospital Rating.

Each of the levels will have a particular theme and potential crisis for you to manage.

We checked out the game back at Gamescom last August, and were rather tickled by some of the situations and ailments you can deal with. Has the “Boning Chamber” made it into the final game? I hope so, but either way, I said, “Galacticare is much more than just a few naughty puns and stereotypical grey aliens, with Brightrock putting a really creative twist on the hospital management sim. I can’t wait to see what other creative settings they’ve cooked up, delve into the distinct background and traits of each of the aliens, and (obviously) see the other wild and wacky ways that each illness is cured.”

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