Jake Tapper slams Trump for saying Jewish Americans who vote for Biden ‘need to have their heads examined’

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Tapper responded“Let me just put it: this idea: the Jewish people are voting for Joe Biden: ‘They will have to have their heads examined.’ “Jews vote about 75, 80% for Democrats, to say that 75 or 80% of the Jewish people should ‘have their heads examined’ is empirically quite insulting.”

Kate Bedingfield‘, former White House communications director under Biden added: ‘Well, look. Surprise, surprise, Donald Trump is using hateful, offensive language and talking about an issue that is incredibly emotional, passionate and complicated for people. So to me you know this is indicative of what a flawed messenger Donald Trump is, period.”

“But getting back to the politics of this, for Biden I mean, look, I think what Joe Biden is doing is putting actions into words,” she continued.” I mean, we know that President Biden and his team have been working. They have been in direct contact with Israeli leaders in recent months, trying to force them into a more tactical plan in Rafah, in an effort to limit civilian deaths.”

“We’ve seen a lot of reports that they’ve been very clear and very direct. You know, President Biden has been direct against Netanyahu. This would be where he would have to be in public if they didn’t change course. So I think what Joe Biden is doing shows that the words of an American president matter, and the action you put behind them also matters. That doesn’t mean he’s walking away from supporting Israel.”

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