James Carville panics over the failure of Democratic attacks on Trump: ‘It’s not working!’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert

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Things are not going well for Democrat strategist and former Bill Clinton aide James Carville. He is extremely frustrated and angry that none of the attacks Democrats have tried to smear Trump are working.

Carville understands polls, and the numbers drive him crazy. He notes that Trump is “more ahead than ever before.”

He also seems very frustrated that the public doesn’t care about January 6. He’s having a total meltdown.

Copy via Real clear politics:

JAMES CARVILLE: Trump has more of an advantage than ever before, more – fewer people think that January 6 was anything like what it was: an attack on the temple of democracy, our Constitution, whatever you want to say.

It’s going in the wrong direction. It does not work. All we throw is spaghetti at the wall, and none of it sticks, including me. It’s hard to start your 80th year, and like everyone else, I have an opinion about myself. And the view I’ve come to is that I don’t matter.

It does not matter. You can prepare and be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!

We have to try to think of something else because what we’re doing really isn’t working.

Watch the video below, it’s beautiful:

Has anyone ever seen him so frustrated and upset? Is it possible that he has seen internal polls and they are downright terrible? He certainly doesn’t seem sure about the way things are going.

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