Jamie Raskin’s description of Republicans defending Trump is devastating

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) provided a scathing description of Republicans roaming the country to defend convicted felon Trump.

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Raskin said when MSNBC’s Katie Phang asked how Democrats can avoid hearings, such as how Dr. Fauci was treated this week by Republicans in the House of Representatives:

The Party of Democracy and the Party of Freedom and the Party of Truth simply have to be tough. And I think Dr. Fauci who modeled toughness this week, you know, and he’s not a partisan actor, but he’s just a scientist and he just said this is bullshit and this is ridiculous. I mean, I had, you know, Republican colleagues and there are right-wing commentators who say that Dr. Fauci created the COVID-19 virus to make money. And they accused him of somehow profiting from COVID-19 and he definitively refuted that and shut them down.

But as I told Dr. Fauci at the hearing, they treated him like a convicted felon. And then I had to correct myself. I said no, actually they treat convicted criminals much better than doctors who have dedicated their entire lives to saving people’s lives. And you know, if you look at Dr. Fauci is looking, not just at COVID-19, but at HIV-AIDS, the Zika virus and a host of other diseases. He has saved hundreds of thousands of lives through his work as a physician, scientist and medical leader.

And yet all they could do was beat him up. And meanwhile they’re running around the country to excuse an adjudicated sexual assaulter and adjudicated fraudster and a convicted felon found guilty by a jury of twelve peers chosen by both sides in the trial for paying $130,000 in hush money to his porn star mistress and then cook the books to commit even more financial fraud. And that is the person who defines their party.

Representative Raskin has solved the major problem. The problem is more than Trump running around trying to destroy democracy at its core. The problem is bigger than Trump taking over the Republican Party. The real problem is that Trump defines the Republican Party.

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Donald Trump establishes what the Republican Party stands for and believes in. Donald Trump is not just the face of the Republican Party. The ex-president rewrites his ideology to suit his personal needs.

The conclusion to be drawn from Raskin’s devastating description is that as long as the Republican Party is defined by Trump, they will continue to lose elections.

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