Jerry Seinfeld apologizes for saying Howard Stern doesn’t have ‘Comedy Chops’

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Jerry Seinfeld has apologized to Howard Stern for comments he made about the radio personality in a recent podcast interview, including that Stern had no “comedy chops.”

“I really feel sorry for what I said about my friend Howard Stern in a conversation with David Spade and Dana Carvey, about the plethora of comedy podcasts,” he said. TMZreferring to his performance in Carvey and Spade’s Podcast ‘Fly on the Wall’.

While discussing the popularity of podcast culture with Carvey and Spade, Seinfeld asked the two fellow comedians:Howard Stern invented this, right?”

“But we’re better than him now,” Seinfeld continued. “Howard is interesting. Howard is a great interviewer, but comedic chops, I mean, can we speak candidly?

Spade said “Sure,” while Carvey said “No!” as they both laughed. “Well, he has Robin, and Robin is a big part of how funny he is,” Carvey said of Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers.

“Yes, they’re all great, but let’s be honest, he’s overshadowed by some very, and you guys, I mean absolutely, this show, comedy podcast? This is the best one to ever air,” Seinfeld added. “Because you play nicely together, it goes smoothly, you don’t jump on each other, which is annoying to listen to.”

Seinfeld told TMZ that he “meant to say he felt surrounded, but I said ‘surrounded,’ which sounded horrible and insulting.”

“And of course, none of these little shows are a threat to his gigantic show,” Seinfeld continued. “Anyway, it sucked and I’m sorry, Howie. I still love you. Forgive me please.”

After his comment about Stern in his “Fly on the Wall” interview, Seinfeld expressed shock at the boom in comedy podcasts.

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“Who knew there was a market?” he asked rhetorically. “Who knew people wanted to get to know us? Who gets the honor of figuring this out?”

Seinfeld later criticized comedians who get very personal on their podcasts instead of bringing humor to the show.

“Jesus Christ, make us laugh, how interesting do you think you are?” he said. “You’re not that interesting, okay? You’re not. If you’re funny, you’re worth it. This is my line, where you know me, you know me, no, but you know I draw that line. If you’re not that funny, we’re not that interested in you.”

Listen to the full Interview ‘Fly on the Wall’ with Seinfeld.

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