Kim Jong Un says North Korea will never give up on its space exploration program

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits the Academy of Defense Sciences in Pyongyang, North Korea. | Photo credit: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the ability to conduct space exploration is crucial for national self-defense and protecting the country’s sovereignty. North Korea will never give up its efforts to acquire space, state media said on Wednesday.

North Korea’s attempt to launch a spy satellite on Monday failed after its first stage booster exploded during flight.

Kim made the comments during his visit to the country’s Academy of Defense Sciences, KCNA news agency reported.

“The possession of military reconnaissance satellites is a critical task to strengthen national self-defense deterrence and protect national sovereignty and security against potential threats… resulting from U.S. military acts and provocations,” he said.

Kim attacked South Korea for criticizing the satellite launch and said Seoul was “playing with fire” by staging a show of force and conducting exercises with fighter jets.

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