Malaysian footballer Faisal Halim expected to make a full recovery from an acid attack

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Malaysian footballer Faisal Halim is recovering well from a third surgery after being left in critical condition following an acid attack. Halim can walk again, according to state news agency Bernama.

26-year-old Halim was hit by an acid attack, which left the footballer with fourth-degree burns. Those burns affected his ability to walk as well as his speech.

There have been several attacks on players across Malaysia in recent weeks. Halim’s club, Selangor FC, was forced to cancel their season opener against Charity Shield due to security concerns resulting from these attacks on players.

Halim had to undergo a three-hour allograft operation on Thursday, Selangor Football Association vice-president Shahril Mokhtar said.

“I heard this morning that he started walking around the room and going to the toilet alone. That is a positive development. He wants to go home,” Mokhtar said in a statement.

Halim is also expected to undergo additional surgery in the near future but is expected to make a full recovery from the attack.

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