Misleading AI content and the 2024 election – Week in Security with Tony Anscombe

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As the specter of AI-generated disinformation looms large, tech giants are vowing to crack down on fabricated content that could influence voters and disrupt elections taking place around the world this year.

With record numbers of people around the world heading to the polls this year, concerns are growing about the use of AI-generated misleading content to influence voters and undermine election integrity. This puts a spotlight on the world’s technological titans, who are coming together in an effort to fight back against the rising tide of AI-powered hoaxes that could mislead voters.

Earlier this week, Meta announced the creation of a ‘task force’ to prevent misuse of AI in the run-up to this year’s EU elections. This came as a result of a ‘pact‘ that twenty technology companies – including Microsoft, Google, Meta, signed last month in an effort to counter the risks associated with misleading AI content.

Watch the video to learn more about the efforts to prevent misleading AI content from influencing the electoral process and what experts think about the planned strategies.

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