My wallet is currently weeping over The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom soundtrack that costs £230

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom music lovers, I’m sorry to say that the game’s CD boxset is a ridiculously expensive £230.

Last month, a suite of cool Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom merch items were announced by the official Japanese Zelda Twitter account, with one of the most exciting being a massive boxset containing the game’s entire soundtrack. It’s obviously going to be quite the piece to have in any Zelda lover’s collection, and a great way to listen to the soundtrack for those of you out there that hate having to rely on streaming services. A few weeks later and it’s now available to pre-order on Amazon (thanks, Eurogamer), but uh, there’s only one problem – it costs a ridiculously high £230.

Now, admittedly, there’s a whole lot of music here. As mentioned in the product description, there’s a total of “344 songs on 9 CDs, including songs from the game and songs used in trailers,” the total recording time amounting to around 11 hours. That is a whole lot of soundtrack, an amount so large you can’t help but think to yourself “hang on, is there even that much music in the game?” The answer is obviously yes, but it’s still surprising nonetheless.

The set also comes with a cool looking Master Sword shaped USB stick, which “contains high-resolution and 5.1-channel sound sources, allowing you to experience the magnificent game world in greater depth and higher definition.” All in all it sounds like a great set, but holy moly is that quite the fee to be paying for a soundtrack.

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Alongside the soundtrack, there was also the announcement that Bandai would be producing a physical replica of the iconic Master Sword as part of its Proplica line, and a book containing artwork and more is also in the works – here’s hoping this one gets an official English translation somewhere down the line.

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