Pentiment and Grounded weren’t the only Microsoft games announced for Switch today

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Obviously titles like Grounded and Pentiment were the big reveals in terms of Microsoft games on Switch today, but there were actually a few more announced too.

In fact it’s five more, to be specific, all of them being classic titles from Banjo Kazooie developer Rare, all coming to Nintendo Switch Online. First up, there’s Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, a game originally released on the NES and Sega Mega Drive, where you have to eat various creatures in order to gain enough weight to ring a bell, opening the door to the next level (yeah, a bit of a weird one, I know). Next up is R.C. Pro-Am, a racing game for the NES, arcade, and Mega Drive that saw you controlling radio-controlled cars, where you had to fight your opponents across the race track, collecting power-ups along the way.

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Battletoad fans out there will also be happy to see the arrival of the SNES title Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, a beat ’em up where you play as two toads, Rash and Pimple, on a journey to save the world. Fighting game fans will also be happy, as the original Killer Instinct is also coming to Switch Online. And lastly, there’s also the N64 classic action game Blast Corps, a title where you control various vehicles with the express purpose of destroying things like buildings and farms that are all in the way of a nuclear missile carrier.

These aren’t actually the first Microsoft-own titles to come to Switch Online. Back in 2022, Banjo Kazooie joined the service, a fitting title for an N64 classic, and last year saw the arrival of Golden Eye, arguably the de facto N64 game outside of Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. And of course, Grounded and Pentiment are both coming to Switch now too, with other previously Xbox-exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush also expected sometime this year as well.

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