Pete Buttigieg Destroys Trump on Electric Vehicles

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Pete Buttigieg blasted Trump for putting America last in electric vehicles.

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Buttigieg said on CBS’s Face The Nation:

The important thing is that the revolution will happen with or without us. And we have to make sure that it’s under American leadership and that’s what the president is focused on. Under the Trump administration, they allowed China to build a lead in the EV industry. But under President Biden’s leadership, we will ensure that the revolution is made in America. EV revolution that
we talk about.

President Biden says he will also make sure that we invest in America’s capacity, and make sure that we support the friend who is providing the materials and the processing of what goes into these EVs, so that America can get these processes mastered. Because look, there’s no way we’re going to make it to the middle of this century with the technology we were counting on a century ago. Now there are clearly many voices here in Washington that are interested in maintaining the status quo. He says this will be one of the first things he does. He would like to see Americans stuck with dirty and expensive fuels. But the reality and I know he’s made a lot of promises to the oil and gas companies.


The larger point Buttigieg was making was that Trump is setting the country back. Donald Trump is not about progress or progress. Donald Trump is about losing America. Trump wants America to lose to China. Trump would put the American behind China. Trump would take away good American jobs and raise taxes on the poor and middle class through his tariff plan.

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Buttigieg suggested that Donald Trump is not the future. The ex-president is a throwback to the past, and his return to the White House will be bad for America’s future.

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