Pinnacle Peak Pictures brings the sequel to ‘Gods Not Dead’ to the market in Cannes

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Pinnacle Peak Pictures is launching a slate of faith-based films at Cannes, including a new installment in the “God’s Not Dead” franchise.

The film, titled ‘God’s Not Dead: In God We Trust’, will be released theatrically in the US this fall, but like the rest of Pinnacle’s offerings, foreign territories will be available to buyers. The new “God’s Not Dead” film follows the series’ protagonist, Rev. David Hill (played again by David AR White), who, with the help of a skilled political strategist, runs for political office on a platform for preserving “religious freedom” and healing divisions. The cast also includes Dean Cain, who appeared in the first film of the franchise and is best known for “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” as well as Isaiah Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Ray Wise (“X – Men: first class”).

In addition, Pinnacle Peak Pictures will present “Disciples in the Moonlight,” a film set in a “dystopian future where the Bible is banned.” The film will be released in theaters in the US on July 24. Starring Todd Terry (“Breaking Bad”), Brett Varvel (“American Underdog”), Baylee Toney (“The Redeemer) and Myles Clohessy (“Classified”).

Finally, Pinnacle brings “Average Joe,” a legal drama about “a soldier turned high school coach” who “fights in court” for the “religious freedoms of all.” The film stars Eric Close (“American Sniper”),Amy Acker (“cabin in the woods”),Austin Woods (“American Horror Story”) and Annabelle Holloway (“The Walking Dead”). The film will be released in the US in October.

“The team at Pinnacle Peak Pictures has produced three excellent new films that complement our library of popular titles,” said Ron Gell, the company’s vice president of international sales and distribution. “Audiences have shown they are hungry for uplifting, exciting and dramatic feature films with top production values ​​and exceptional casts. That’s why I’m looking forward to a busy sales season in Cannes this year.”

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