Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Ghosts: Where to get the Silph Scope

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One of the spookiest places in the whole Pokemon franchise is the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, where trainers lay the spirits of their departed Pokemon to rest. It’s an iconic location that gives Pokemon lore the undercurrent of depth and edge that’s kept the series relevant for so many years.

However, in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, it has an even thicker layer of mystery. When you visit the Tower you find it haunted by a plague of invulnerable ghosts who are immune to your Pokemons’ attacks.

To defeat the ghosts in Lavender Town, you need to track down the Silph Scope, a special device which lets you identify these aberrant spectres and dispel their evil presence. Here’s what you need to do!

Where to find the Silph Scope in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

To get the Silph Scope and defeat the ghosts in Lavender Town, you first need to go to the Game Corner in Celadon City.

Talk to the Team Rocket Grunt standing in front of the poster on the back wall of the Game Corner and they’ll challenge you to a battle. Defeat them, then go down the revealed staircase on your right.

Go down another level using the stairs at the top of the room, then around towards the spinning arrow panels on the left. Ignore them for now and go down the stairs behind the grunt.

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In the room you find after the staircase, go across to the left and ride the panel. Go two squares down, then when you stop, go two squares back and down.

At the four squares that point right, ride the third one. When you stop, follow the path past the grunt and around to the right. Go down the stairs, then walk up and to the left. Talk to the grunt and defeat him in battle.

Crucially, talk to the grunt again after the battle and he will drop the lift key. Go back up the stairs and then back up another level until you reach the other set of spinning panels.

Red navigating a mess of spinning floor tiles in the Rocket Game Corner in Pokemon Red.

Image credit: Nintendo/VG247

Go on either of the top panels and ride them around to the left. When you stop, turn back to the right, go down, and ride the 2nd panel down. When you stop, walk two squares right. When you stop, walk two squares left, then when you stop again, go right and down then ride the 1st panel at the top. Walk one square right and one square down, then into the door at the end of the path.

Ride the elevator down to BF4 and fight the two grunts guarding the gate. On the other side, you come face-to-face with the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Defeat him in battle and you can retrieve the Silph Scope!

Now, go back to Lavender Town and climb the Pokemon Tower to the top, defeating the ghosts and trainers – and your rival – on the way. Defeat the level 30 spirit at the top and you can save Mr Fuji, an elder in Lavender Town.

Once he’s free, you’ll be taken to his house in Lavender Town at the foot of the tower where he’ll give you the PokeFlute. You can then use this to battle the Snorlax around Kanto.

Walk up to the Snorlax, open your inventory and use the PokeFlute. The Snorlax will then attack in a rage! You only have two chances to catch Snorlax, so I’d recommend saving before you battle them. Snorlax is an extremely powerful Pokemon in generation 1, and super cute, look at him, so don’t pass up the opportunity.

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