Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Rocket Game Corner Lift Key Guide

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One of the most memorable dungeons in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow is the Rocket Game Corner, where the otherwise unassuming arcade is secretly run by the nefarious Team Rocket. This is no doubt inspired by how real-life pachinko parlors in Japan are often tied to the Yakuza.

But in-game, the Rocket Game Corner is also home to one of Generation 1’s most infamous puzzles: where to find the lift key.

It’s also the first time you come across spinning floor panels and a multi-floor building filled with trainers and it’s easy to get lost. Here’s how to come out unscathed!

Rocket Game Corner Lift Key Guide

First, go to the Game Corner in Celadon City and talk to the Rocket Grunt standing against the back wall, in front of the poster. Defeat them in battle and go down the staircase that appears to your right. Immediately go down another level using the stairs at the top of the room, then around towards the spinning arrow panels on the left.

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Don’t use the panels yet and instead go down the stairs behind the grunt. In the room you find, go across to the left and ride the panel you find. Go two squares down, then when you stop, go two squares back and down.

Red solving a spinning floor tile puzzle in Pokemon Red.

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Down here you’ll see four squares that point towards the right. You need to ride the third one. When you stop, go past the grunt you find and over to the right. Go down the stairs, then walk up and to the left.

Talk to the grunt and he will let slip that he’s holding the lift key you need. Defeat him in battle and you arrive at an interaction that has stumped players for more than 20 years.

Red picking up the Lift Key in Pokemon Red.

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For whatever reason, you need to talk to the grunt again for him to drop the lift key to his left.

With the lift key in-hand, go back up the stairs and then back up another level until you reach the other set of spinning panels.

Red navigating a mess of spinning floor tiles in the Rocket Game Corner in Pokemon Red.

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Ride either of the top two panels over to the left. Then turn back to the right, go down, and ride the 2nd panel down. When you stop, walk two squares over to the right. When you stop next, walk two squares left, then when you stop again, go right and down then ride the 1st panel at the top. Walk one square right and one square down, then into the door at the end of the path.

You can now ride the elevator down to BF4 and defeat the two unsuspecting Rocket grunts guarding the gate. Then it’s time to face-off against the boss, the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Defeat his hulking team, which includes the rare – and awesome – Kangaskhan, in battle and you can retrieve the Silph Scope as your reward for turfing out the gangsters.

This allows you to complete that story thread, which gives you access to Snorlax as well as Fuschia City and the Surf and Strength HMs.

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