Prince Harry’s possible drug admission puts Montecito Mansion in danger

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“Ultimately the decision will be made by a federal judge, but if those documents are released and if it is determined that Prince Harry lied on his application, there will be enormous public pressure to deport Harry from the United States,” the statement said. spokesman. Director of the Heritage Foundation and former advisor to Rudy Giuliani, Nile Gardiner, told an outlet.

“Now when you have a Republican president, you can be assured that a Republican leader will strictly enforce America’s immigration laws,” he added.

Gardiner continued, “And if Harry broke those laws by lying on his application, I have no doubt that a Republican president would quickly remove him from the United States.”

The Duke and his wife “are generally viewed favorably by left-leaning Americans,” and so were right-leaning G.O.P outlets and commentary platforms that tell the story of the royal family’s potential lying on his visa.

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