Princess Peach: Showtime The Dark Depths & the Swirling Currents Sparkle Gems

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Princess Peach meets Ariel in the Mermaid Peach stage-plays throughout Princess Peach: Showtime, using the marvel of her singing skills to attract and control fish, and restore peace to the seas. Peace that has long been disrupted by the Sour Bunch, but Mermaid Peach has something to say (or sing) about that in The Dark Depths and the Swirling Currents.

While deterring the Sour Bunch from stealing the show, Mermaid Peach will also have five Sparkle Gems to find along the seafloor. If you need some help with collecting them all, here’s where to find all Sparkle Gems during Princess Peach: Showtime’s The Dark Depths and the Swirling Currents stage-play.

All Princess Peach: Showtime The Dark Depths & the Swirling Currents Sparkle Gems

The Dark Depths & the Swirling Currents is Mermaid Peach’s third and final act in Princess Peach: Showtime, which means that in between bursts of singing, there’s only five Sparkle Gems for you to hunt down.

Below, we’ve listed these in the order you can expect to find them in. So, if you’re here hunting missing collectibles, you can skip right to the ones you may have missed out on.

Sparkle Gem #1

At the very beginning of the level, head right and strike a pose on the spotlight using ‘ZL’ or ‘ZR’. This spotlight is identifiable by the starfish on the seafloor that mark it.

Open the clams in the following room to receive the first Sparkle Gem.

Strike a pose! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo


Pay attention to any clams in the background of the set at the beginning of the level, especially a red one. You should notice that this one has a voice coming from it. Use the fish to open this clam and the Ribboneer will pop out, rewarding you with a Ribbon for helping them.

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You must do this before rescuing the Mermaid Sparkla or you’ll miss it!

Ribbons are used to unlock new outfits for Princess Peach’s companion, Stella.

Mermaid Peach floats near an orange clam that has a Theet trapped inside in Princess Peach: Showtime

Use the nearby fish and your ability to rescue this fella. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #2

Still in the same area, you’ll want to open small clams to collect as many fish as possible. Eventually, you’ll be able to open big clams using the school of fish you have acquired.

The second Sparkle Gem is a reward for finding and freeing the Mermaid Sparkla from being trapped inside of a large clam.

Mermaid Peach rescues Mermaid Sparkla from a clam in Princess Peach: Showtime

Welcome back, Mermaid Sparkla! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #3

In the following area, a third Sparkle Gem can be found beneath a floating purple stone.

Mermaid Peach swims past various debris and a Sparkle Gem with Mermaid Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime

Collect this Sparkle Gem while avoiding the floating debris. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #4 and 5

There’ll come a moment where multiple whirlpools appear. You’ll need to sing alongside the Mermaid Sparkla to clear these.

If you manage to clear three of the whirlpools, you’ll get your next Sparkle Gem. However, if you manage to clear five whirlpools here, you’ll actually get two Sparkle Gems!

Mermaid Peach and the Mermaid Sparkla stand on the backs of turtles while singing in Princess Peach: Showtime

Collect all the nearby fish while singing to dispel the whirlpools. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

For more on Princess Peach: Showtime, take a look at Mighty Peach’s third act next, Dark Space and the Great Meteor, as well as our Princess Peach: Showtime Walkthrough for more guides.

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