Princess Peach: Showtime The Stolen Statue Sparkle Gems

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Dashing Thief Peach has returned for a second act in Princess Peach: Showtime, and this time, she’ll be getting to the bottom of The Stolen Statue. That’s right, the Sour Bunch show no signs of giving up trying to steal the show, but Dashing Thief Peach is one step ahead when it comes to returning the stolen statue to its rightful place.

Amidst using drones to get around and tackling the Sour Bunch’s minions, there are also seven Sparkle Gems for keen collectors to hunt down throughout this level. If you need some clues as to where to find them, here’s where to find all Sparkle Gems in Princess Peach: Showtime’s The Stolen Statue stage-play.

All Princess Peach: Showtime The Stolen Statue Sparkle Gems

With The Stolen Statue being the second act for Dashing Thief Peach in Princess Peach Showtime, there are only seven Sparkle Gems for you to seek out and collect.

We’ve listed the locations of each Gem below, in order of when you can expect to find them. So, if you’re here simply hunting down any missing collectables, you can skip right to the Sparkle Gem that you’re missing.

Sparkle Gem #1

As you platform across the planes at the beginning of the level, a Sparkle Gem will be underneath them. You can jump to collect the Gem, and then use your ability to access the drone above it so you don’t fall.

Use the drone above this Sparkle Gem as soon as you grab it. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo


When you reach the building after the plane segment and head inside, go left and unlock the door here. The Theet you free will reward you with a Ribbon.

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Ribbons are uses to unlock new outfits for Peach’s companion, Stella!

Dashing Thief Peach can be seen unlocking a door where a trapped Theet is in Princess Peach: Showtime

Free this Theet for a new Ribbon! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #2

Up next, you’ll need to collect all eight of the Sparkle Gem segments in the area with enemy drones.

Dashing Thief Peach is shown below a pink drone and multiple Sparkle Gem segments in Princess Peach: Showtime

Use the drone here to collect all eight Sparkle Gem pieces. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #3

The third Sparkle Gem is found in the air after using your ability – and multiple ally drones – to get past the enemy drones shown below.

Dashing Thief Peach can be seen gliding above a Sparkle Gem in Princess Peach: Showtime

Use the drones to venture across the next room. You’ll land on a Sparkle Gem! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #4

Once you are outside again (you’ll know as there’ll be a wind current from the right), strike a pose on the grate to the left using ‘ZR’ or ‘ZL’. Use the drones in the below room to reach the top, where you’ll find the next Sparkle Gem.

Dashing Thief Peach stands atop a spotlight in Princess Peach: Showtime

Strike a pose! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #5

While traversing along the golden pipes in the following area, a Sparkle Gem can be found.

Dashing Thief Peach can be seen running across some golden pipes with a Sparkle Gem nearby in Princess Peach: Showtime

Grab the next Sparkle Gem while moving along the falling golden pipes; be quick, though! | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #6

A Sparkle Gem is acquired for successfully breaking into the building with the robot minions.

Dashing Thief Peach is seen after breaking into a building in Princess Peach: Showtime

All in a day’s work. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

Sparkle Gem #7

The seventh and final Sparkle Gem is found by taking the upper route when traversing through the area of fire and falling blocks.

Dashing Thief Peach can be seen running through falling platforms, with a Sparkle Gem just in front of her in Princess Peach: Showtime

This Sparkle Gem is grabbed while running through the final segment of the game. | Image credit: VG247/Nintendo

For more on Princess Peach: Showtime, have a look at our guide to the next stage-play, A Kung Fu Tale. And while you’re at it, take a look at our Princess Peach: Showtime Walkthrough for more guides.

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