Princess Peach Showtime’s latest trailer adds a touch of Persona 5 flair

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The latest trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime is here, and one of the newly revealed transformations is certainly reminiscent of Persona 5.

Nintendo released a new trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime yesterday, showing off four new costumes that Peach can don in her first solo outing in almost two decades. One of the latest additions is “Dashing Thief Peach,” who only looks like Persona 5’s Joker just a little bit (Peach has a hat where Joker doesn’t, but honestly, they do look quite similar to one another). It looks like the Dashing Thief Peach segments will involve a bit of platforming, as again, much like Joker, she has a hookshot she can use to get around the place.

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There’s also a new transformation for ice skating fans, with the introduction of Figure Skater Peach. This one sees Peach doing just that, with the princess fending off enemies with spins and dance moves. On top of that there’s the quite simply named Mermaid Peach, who can use the power of singing to control fish. And lastly there’s Mighty Peach, a heroic take on the character that has super strength and can fly around on a jetpack, which is giving a mixture of the classic superhero look, Power Rangers, and also weirdly Sora in Kingdom Heart 3’s Big Hero Six world.

The last time Peach had her own game was way back in 2005, with Super Princess Peach, a side scrolling platform in the vein of classic Mario games, only Peach has a talking umbrella she can float on, and can use the power of her emotions to beat enemies, all so that she can get her Vibe Scepter. Yes, if you’re getting the impression that her Vibe Scepter is something for just adults, you’re probably right, so I’m glad they’re going in a different direction with Princess Peach: Showtime. Besides, nothing can beat what The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood has done for Valentine’s Day.

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