SD officer resigns after being propositioned by a female suspect

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Hair claimed he checked on the woman, believing she may have suffered a bloodletting medical emergency, and was locked up when the car door accidentally closed on him. “When I woke her up, I noticed the door was closing on me,” he said. He also told investigators that the body camera turned off when he knocked it out of the clip while leaving the cruiser.

The woman told investigators that Hair asked her personal questions, got her phone number and suggested they meet when she got out of jail, but she denied having any sexual contact with him in the backseat of the car. “He wanted to come to me when I was done with the warrant or whatever I was arrested for,” she said.

When the department tested Hair’s clothing, they found traces of semen on his belt. He resigned on September 14, 2023, less than a month after the incident, and a day before he was scheduled to meet with investigators for a second interview. It is unclear whether Hair will face criminal charges in connection with the incident.

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