SriLankan Airlines integrates AMOS NewGen MRO system to transform BA’s aircraft management

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SriLankan Airlines has embarked on a transformative journey in aircraft maintenance by integrating AMOS, an innovative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed for aircraft engineering and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) management, developed by Swiss-AS.

This strategic move towards automation in monitoring and coordinating aircraft maintenance activities with AMOS is intended to increase technical productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency in MRO activities.

Arjuna Kapugeekiyana, Head of Engineering at SriLankan Airlines, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Swiss-AS and the adoption of the advanced AMOS NewGen MRO system. “The integration took several months, given the complexity of transferring data from our old system to the advanced AMOS platform. With this transition, we expect to modernize our operations, achieve greater efficiency and ensure we maintain our aircraft and safety standards to the highest degree,” he said.

Chamara Perera, Group Head of Information Technology, SriLankan Airlines, highlighted the strategic importance of implementing the AMOS NewGen MRO system as part of the airline’s digital vision. Perera also noted the integration of the AMOSmobile/EXEC Mobile add-on, which enables seamless, paperless operations such as electronic work instructions and digital sign-offs, streamlining workflow and eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

“We have further integrated the AMOSmobile/EXEC Mobile add-on to maximize the overall value of the project with seamless, paperless operations such as electronic work instructions and digital signatures that streamline unnecessary time-consuming tasks,” he said. platform has advanced features and data visualization capabilities, enabling accurate inventory management and cost-effective practices. Accurate calculations and scheduling for maintenance activities are aligned with flight schedules, allowing SriLankan Engineering to efficiently manage aircraft maintenance limits. The system’s proactive manpower and material resource planning capabilities reduce the number of aircraft on the ground (AOG) while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

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Additionally, the AMOSmobile/EXEC software extension provides engineers and technicians at SriLankan Airlines with a touch-optimized app for aircraft dispatch functions, parts requests, fleet health checks, and line and basic maintenance tasks. This digitized workflow replaces traditional paper processes, increasing operational flexibility and effectiveness.

  • Published on Apr 28, 2024 6:42 PM IST

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