Steamworld Heist II extended gameplay footage released

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Thunderful has unveiled a new deep dive for Steamworld Heist II, showcasing early mission gameplay, an overview of the upgrade system, and turn-based combat mechanics. The footage, approximately 13 minutes long, features Art Director Brandt Andrist as he narrates the on-screen action and game features.

One of the first upgrade screens we see is for the submarine, the main form of transportation to explore Steamworld Heist 2’s Great Oceanic Shard. As progress is made slots can be unlocked allowing for additional weapons to be equipped. Early on in the game, you will only have access to basic weapons but as progress is made torpedoes and lasers can be purchased. All of the submarine’s weapons are automated, allowing you to focus on navigating and aiming at enemy vessels, like those of the Royal Navy.

The mission showcased in the SteamWorld Heist II deep dive is titled “It’s A Trap.” Players are presented with a custom difficulty slider before starting the mission, which allows for the adjustment of various level elements to accommodate for different skill levels and playstyles. Additionally, players can outfit their crew with various items to enhance their chances of completing the mission successfully. In “It’s A Trap,” characters Wesley and Daisy stumble upon an outpost, which they recognise as a trap set by the Royal Navy. The footage reveals the turn-based gameplay, where each character possesses action points used for movement or actions like firing a weapon. Characters also have unique abilities that offer extra benefits. For instance, Wesley’s Warcry boosts his own attack power and that of his nearby allies. In combat, an aiming line will appear to show the pathway of your bullet, enhancing your accuracy to inflict damage on enemies. Additionally, if you’re interested in collecting hats, you can shoot them off the heads of enemies to add to your collection.

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Missions can be replayed, and they will not always have the same layout as enemy spawns and cover spots are placed randomly. At the end of a mission all characters that took part will gain experience points, even if they fell in combat. Your crew’s reputation will grow as more missions are completed, and this leads to be more missions and opportunities being unlocked within SteamWorld Heist II. Once players have had their fill of exploring for the day, and have exhausted their crewmates, the base will provide sanctuary. Here, goods can be traded for upgrades, the submarine will be repaired automatically, and crewmates will get a much deserved rest, ready for the next day of adventure.

Steamworld Heist II will be released on August 8th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

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