Stormy Daniels testifies that she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump after talking about condoms

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Stormy Daniels testified that she discussed her insistence on using condoms while making adult films Donald Trump – before claiming he wasn’t using one when they allegedly had sex, has learned.

Daniels, who is at the center of Trump’s criminal hush-money case, testified Thursday the second day in court.

Portions of Daniels’ testimony were taken into consideration too graphic to report on mainstream media, including details of her alleged sexual encounter with the ex-president.

At one point, Daniels recalled her conversation with Trump before they allegedly had sex in which they discussed her work. She was then asked if Trump asked her if she had “ever been tested,” given her work.

Daniels said, “Yes, of course,” before noting, “I volunteered it too.”

“Back then you had to be tested every 30 days. Today it is every 14 days. You can’t work unless you have a test,” Daniels explained. “And yeah, you know, ‘have you ever had a bad test?’ A bad test is a positive for something. I said, ‘No, I can show you my whole file.’ Everyone in the industry can see everyone else’s tests.

Daniels further explained that this meant “that even if I was working – even if a married couple was working together, even if you were going to work with your partner, for a husband and wife, you live together, if you perform on camera for Wicked Photos, you have to use a condom.”

After noting the details of her conversation with Trump about whether or not she should be tested and her use of condoms, Daniels testified about allegedly having unprotected sex with the ex-president.

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“Was he wearing a condom?” the prosecutor asked, to which Daniels replied, “No.”

When pressed if that was “concerning” to her, Daniels replied, “Yes.”

Despite Trump reportedly not using a condom, Daniels said she did not say this to the ex-president: “I didn’t say anything at all.”

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