Switch 2 still isn’t confirmed, but here are details on its delay into 2025

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While we’re still yet to get an official Nintendo Switch 2 reveal, recent reports suggested it’s been delayed out of 2024, and the latest word says it’s because of hardware shortage concerns.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the still unconfirmed Switch 2 had been delayed internally, pushing it out of 2024, and into Q1 2025. At the time, it was believed that the delay was in part to ensure that the follow-up console had a strong launch line-up that featured as many titles as possible. Now, thanks to a new report from Japanese news publication Nikkei (paywalled, thanks VGC), a bit more light has been shed on the delay. According to Nikkei, “priority was given to ensure the initial inventory of the successor console and a lineup of software titles at the time of its launch,” i.e. Nintendo wants to make sure it actually has enough consoles to sell to avoid scalpers reselling them at ridiculous prices.

It’s a fair concern to have, both PlayStation and Xbox had severe supply issues with the PS5 and Series X/S respectively for almost their entire first two years, with scalpers selling the PS5 in particular for way above retail price. One thing to note though is that while Nikkei’s report claims that Nintendo is aiming for a March release window for the Switch 2, or whatever it ends up being called, it is still possible the console could be delayed further, depending on how manufacturing goes, as well as what software is ready at launch. Meaning, don’t expect to have a new console in your hands in just over a year’s time – and be cool when all those rumours about supposed Directs and reveals don’t pan out as reported.

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Nikkei also corroborated previous reports of the Switch 2 once again being a hybrid home/ portable console, and that it will also have a larger screen than the original’s 6.2 inch. For now it’s all a bit he said, she said, so just wait a little while longer until we get a full reveal.

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