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Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (Credit: CBP Photo by Glenn Fawcett)

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a long-serving Texas Democrat, has publicly announced her pancreatic cancer diagnosis, raising concerns about her ability to perform in Congress.

At age 74, Jackson Lee has represented Texas’ 18th congressional district for thirty years. She previously ran for mayor of Houston but was crushed in the runoff election.

In a statement released to the public, wrote Jackson Lee:

“My adult life has been defined by my faith in God, my love for humanity and my dedication to public service. As a Congressman, I am honored to be one of the leaders in the fight for justice and equality for all; especially the underprivileged and the dispossessed. Today my fight is more personal, but I will approach it with the same faith and courage.

“My doctors have confirmed my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I am currently undergoing treatment to combat this disease that affects tens of thousands of Americans every year.

“I am confident that my doctors have developed the best possible plan to address my specific disease. The road ahead will not be easy, but I have faith that God will strengthen me.

“To the constituents of the 18th Congressional District: Serving as your representative in Congress for thirty years is one of my greatest honors. Your hopes and aspirations inspire my efforts on behalf of our community every day. As I continue my treatments, it is likely that I will be absent from Congress at times, but please rest assured that my office will continue to provide the essential services you deserve and expect.

“I am committed to working with our Congressional leadership, including Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the Speaker of House, to serve this nation and be present for votes on legislation critical to the prosperity and security of the American people. By God’s grace, I will soon be back to full strength.

“Please keep me and my family in your prayers as you always have. Know that you will remain in mine. As always, God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”

Several Democratic members of the House of Representatives recently announced their cancer diagnoses. Representative Dan Kildee of Michigan was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma last year.

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“A few weeks ago, during a routine medical examination, they found a swollen lymph node that turned out to be cancerous. Kildee said at the time. “Cancer is a primary source in one of my tonsils.”

‘I’m going to have that removed. I’m having surgery in a few weeks. We are lucky to have caught this so early. The doctors say my prognosis is excellent,” he continued.

Raul Grijalva from Arizona also announced this undergoing treatment for cancer last month.

“A few weeks ago I sought medical treatment for a persistent cough, initially diagnosed with pneumonia. After further tests and imaging, my doctor discovered that I have cancer,” Grijalva said.

“This diagnosis has been difficult to process, but I am confident in the powerful treatment my medical team has developed and I have begun my journey to fight this cancer.”

In addition, Jamie Raskin, a representative from Maryland, revealed his diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

“After several days of testing, I was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a serious but curable form of cancer.” Raskin said in a statement latest 2022.

The statement continued: “I am about to begin an outpatient chemoimmunotherapy course at Med Star Georgetown University Hospital and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. The prognosis for most people in my situation is excellent after four months of treatment.”

Raskin said he expects to continue his work during treatment, but will work to “reduce unnecessary exposure to prevent COVID-19, the flu and other viruses.”

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