The house calls out Marjorie Taylor Greene as she files a motion to evict

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When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced her motion to resign against Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), she was loudly booed in the House of Representatives.

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Video of Greene being booed:

Greene announced she had filed her motion to declare the speakership vacant and the boos grew in the House chamber.

Rep. Greene seriously mentioned one of the reasons Johnson was impeached was that he allowed a vote on expelling George Santos:

Republicans like Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) are already speaking out against this motion to evict: “The motion to evict was a bad idea in the fall, and it’s an even worse idea now, when we should be making conservative victories. Wasting our time with this distraction is a disservice to our country and the institution. I continue to support @SpeakerJohnson”

Greene’s motion to leave is already an embarrassment that’s going nowhere fast. The Democrats won’t support it. The Republicans won’t support it. Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries has already stated that there are enough Democratic votes to file the motion to evict.
Democrats will not allow Greene to plunge the House into chaos.

The reign of the mighty Marjorie Taylor Greene is over, and if the boos are any indication, the motion to evict will be defeated very quickly, the chaos will end, and the Democrats can turn the House back into a functional legislature body if they win the majority. in November.

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