The remote Indonesian volcano Mount Ruang is erupting again

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Mount Ruang volcano erupts in Sitaro, North Sulawesi, on April 19, 2024. | Photo credit: AFP

On April 19, a remote volcano in Indonesia’s outermost region erupted again AFP said a journalist, after the crater threw up columns of smoke and lava several times this week, forcing thousands to evacuate.

“The volcano is erupting again,” said the AFP journalist on Tagulandang Island, which borders Mount Ruang.

On April 18, Indonesia had closed a provincial airport and evacuated hundreds of people from the area around the Ruang volcano after it spewed explosive plumes of lava, rocks and ash for days, declaring a high alert over the situation.

The volcano’s dramatic eruption Wednesday on a remote island in North Sulawesi province threw a fiery red column of lava, glowing rock and ash up to three kilometers into the air.

Purple lightning bolts tear the sky above the erupting volcano, videos on social media showed.

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