This chunky sneaker is heavenly, soft comfort for just $50

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When it comes to sneakers, it is always better to have sufficient cushioning. So leave it to a brand called Cushionaire to get the job done. If you’ve never tried a woven sneaker, let alone one from a brand that knows cushioning, then we’re about to turn you on to a sneaker that will make your feet feel like a million bucks, and which only costs $50.

The Cushionaire woven platform sneaker only costs $50 at Amazon, but you’ll quickly find it’s worth a lot more than that. This surprisingly light shoe is very sturdy and has an almost platform heel. It is made of rubber, vegan leather and fabric on the outside, making it resistant to water. And on the inside you have thick, comfortable padding that makes your foot feel like you’re walking on clouds. It’s a bit strange and weird for your feet, but it also brings some peace of mind: your feet are super comfortable for once!

Grab the Cushionaire woven platform sneaker for only $50 at Amazon!

Yes, the foam padding on this shoe will quickly make you feel like you didn’t spend the entire 10-hour shift in the hospital. Or as if you’ve just run a marathon. These sneakers sit on your feet and rock them and make you feel like you’re wearing a great, cushioned shoe for the first time, all for less than the price of most new athletic shoes. And you have to admit that they are both unique and different from any other shoes out there.

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Grab the Cushionaire woven platform sneaker for only $50 at Amazon!

Looking for both fashionable and comfortable shoes this summer? Make sure you try these great shoes from Cushionaire. You may soon discover that you have a new favorite brand.

Grab the Cushionaire woven platform sneaker for only $50 at Amazon!

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