Top tips for your first date (Restaurant Edition)

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First dates are exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences. They mark the beginning of a possible new chapter in your life and form the basis for what could be a lasting and meaningful relationship. Restaurants are a popular choice for a first date because they provide a neutral, relaxed environment where you can focus on getting to know each other without the distraction of a loud or overly casual atmosphere. The atmosphere, food and overall dining experience create an ideal backdrop for conversation and connection.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential tips to ensure your first date at a restaurant goes smoothly, gives you confidence, and leaves a lasting impression that paves the way for future dates. Whether it’s choosing the right restaurant, knowing what to wear or simply navigating the menu, we’ve got your back.

1. Choosing the right restaurant

Selecting the perfect romantic restaurants gold coast is crucial for setting the right tone for your date. Here are some factors to consider:


Make sure the cuisine suits your taste and dietary preferences. Whether you’re both a foodie exploring gourmet options or prefer a simple, convivial meal, it’s important to choose a place where you can both enjoy the menu.


The atmosphere of the restaurant sets the mood for your date. Consider the lighting, the noise level and the overall atmosphere. A quiet, intimate environment can be ideal for deep conversations, while a lively place can be perfect if you want a more casual, fun experience.


Choose a convenient location that is easy for both of you to reach. It should ideally be somewhere that isn’t too far from your home or your date so that the commute is stress-free.

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2. Make a reservation

Plan ahead

Popular restaurants can fill up quickly, especially on weekends. Book well in advance to be assured of a good spot. This shows thoughtfulness and attention, which will certainly impress your date.

Optimal timing

Choose a time that works well with both of your schedules. Avoid peak hours if you prefer a quieter environment. By making sure the timing works for both parties, you’ll avoid rushing and ensure a more relaxing experience.

3. Dress for the occasion

Dress code

Check the restaurant’s dress code online or call ahead. Dressing appropriately for the venue shows respect for the establishment and makes you feel comfortable throughout the date.

Comfort and style

While it’s important to look your best, comfort is key. Wear something that reflects your personal style, but also allows you to relax and be yourself. Confidence naturally follows comfort.

4. Etiquette at the table

Good manners

Politeness and good manners are common on a first date. Simple gestures, such as holding the door open or pulling out a chair, can leave a positive impression.

To order

When ordering, consider discussing dish preferences with your date to find common ground. Avoid overly complicated dishes that are difficult to eat elegantly.

Use cutlery

Brush up on basic table manners, such as what cutlery to use for each dish and how to put it down when you’re done. Small details like these can make a big difference in the way you are perceived.

Fascinating conversation

Keep the conversation light and positive. Ask open-ended questions to get to know your date better, and actively listen to their answers. Avoid controversial topics and focus on building a connection.

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5. Account management

Offer to pay

Traditionally, the person who initiated the date might offer to pay. This gesture is often seen as courteous and considerate. If that is you, settle the bill discreetly by signaling the waiter or taking a moment during a natural pause in the conversation to avoid discomfort. This ensures that the date ends on a smooth and pleasant note, and leaves a positive impression.

Splitting the bill

In modern dating, it is increasingly common to split the bill. This shift reflects a movement toward equality and mutual respect in relationships. Be prepared for this possibility and politely suggest it if it feels right for the situation. You could say something like, “Shall we split the bill?” or “Would you like it if we split this up?” This approach can help avoid discomfort and shows that you are considerate of your date’s feelings and financial situation.

Using apps

Consider using bill splitting apps that can make the process seamless and fair. These apps not only divide the bill accurately, but also allow everyone to pay their share individually, reducing the hassle of doing calculations manually. It eliminates the need for physical money exchange and can make the closing of your meal smooth and stress-free. Additionally, many of these apps offer features such as tracking expenses over time and integration with various payment methods, adding to their convenience.

6. After the date

Follow up

Send a thank you message within 24 hours expressing your enjoyment of the evening and your appreciation for their company. It’s a courteous gesture that shows you appreciate the time you spend together.

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Evaluating the experience

Reflect on the date to determine what went well and what could be improved. This self-assessment can help you grow and make future dates even better.


Navigating a first date can be daunting, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can also be an enjoyable and memorable experience. From choosing the right restaurant, ensuring the right atmosphere and practicing good etiquette such as punctuality and polite conversation: every detail contributes to a positive outcome. Consider discussing mutual interests ahead of time to break the ice, and perhaps choose a location that offers a unique experience, such as a museum or scenic park, to make the date more appealing. If you follow up with a sincere message of appreciation, it can leave a lasting impression. Remember to stay present, enjoy the moment and, above all, be yourself. Good luck, and may your first date be the start of something great!

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