TST 2024: Schedule, where to watch, how to watch JJ Watt and Burnley, Wrexham, Pat McAfee and more

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The soccer tournament returns Wednesday, with men’s and women’s teams competing for two $1 million prizes. With seven-on-seven teams made up of current and former players, as well as athletes from other sports, it’s a tournament with quite a few draws taking place in Cary, NC. This is the second year for the tournament after being created by the same group behind The Basketball Tournament, TBT Enterprises. The opening tournament was won by New city Pride FC, based in Sandy Hook, Conn. The Pride, will look to retain their title and enter the tournament again this year, but they will be joined by quite a group of competitors.

Here’s what you need to know:

Players to watch

This is a tournament with quite a draw, as players like Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli headline soccer stars coming to North Carolina, but it’s not limited to soccer. N.F.L and media stars like NFL Today’s JJ Watt, former star receiver Chad Johnson and punter Pat McAfee will also participate. Even recognizable football names from CBS Sports like Christina Unkel, Jimmy Conrad and Lori Lindsey will be involved in the tournament, all with a chance to take home the top prize.

Here are the teams and players to watch:

  • Kwik Goal FC: Comprised of former US men’s internationals, Jimmy Conrad, DaMarcus Beasley and Dwayne De Rosario will headline this squad.
  • Burnley: On the men’s side, JJ Watt will take charge, while his wife Kealia will lead the Burnley women’s team.
  • The CONCAFA SC: TV personality and former NFL gambler McAfee is going to try his hand at football.
  • Nani FC: This is a star-studded cast Dom Dwyer is joined by Nani, Balotelli and Bruno Alves.
  • Aguero team: The team needs no introduction, but after his retirement, Aguero is back for this tournament.
  • Borussia Dortmund: This team will be tough to score under Roman Weidenfeller, and he will be joined by Evanilson, Kevin Grosskreutz, Marco Amoroso and Moritz Leitner.
  • Wrexham: While Wrexham Red Dragons won’t have any first-team players from the team that just earned promotion to League One, they are players to watch. The Hollywood-backed club via Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney also has a women’s side and will have some NWSL connections in Nicole Baxter and Danica Evans looking to make noise.
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Always Oriental

Wednesday June 5 (morning session)
The Concafa SC vs. Reggae Rovers, 8:30 a.m. (ESPN+)
Burnley (men) v Nanti SC, 8.30am (TST Live)
below vs. La Bombonera, 8:45 a.m. (TST Live)
Banheiristas FC vs. Gracie FC, 8:45am (TST Live)
FC Bayern versus dueling for Lincoln FC, 9am (TST Live)
Borussia Dortmund vs. The Town FC, 9:00am (TST Live)
Newtown Pride vs DC Hyper, 10am (TST live)
ZALA vs. Supra United10am (TST Live)
Wrexham Red Dragons (men) vs. FC Roha Eagles, 10:15 am (ESPN+)
Desipeditos vs. Saturday Football, 10:15 AM (TST Live)
Hooser Army vs. Trident FC, 10:30 AM (TST Live)
Hoya Nation vs. Freedom United SC, 10:30am (TST live)
Aguero Team vs. Say Word FC, 11:30 a.m. (ESPN+)
Villarreal CF vs. NCFC, 11:30 AM (TST live)
Nani FC vs. La Mexicana Express, 11:45 AM (TST live)
Como-Cagliari vs. City Soccer Society, 11:45am (TST Live)
Father 7 vs. Tenfifteen FC, 12pm (TST Live)
Kingdom FC vs. Toronto Athletic FC, 12:00 PM (TST Live)
Hashtag United vs. Raleigh Rebels, 1:00 PM (TST Live)
Manhattan Kickers vs. Summer of Soccer FC, 1:00 PM (TST Live)
Sneaky Foc FC vs. Pasha FC, 1:15 PM (TST Live)
KwikGoal FC vs. Tranquilo FC, 1:15 PM (TST Live)
Au Vodka Swans vs. Socceroof, 1:30 PM (TST Live)
FitBodega Vancouver vs. Tobacco Road FC, 1:30pm (TST Live)

Wednesday June 5 (evening session)
Match for Lincoln FC vs. The Town FC, 4:30 PM (TST Live)
FC Bayern vs. Borussia Dortmund, 5 p.m. (ESPNU)
Inter vs. Gracie FC, 5pm (TST Live)
Banheiristas FC vs. La Bombonera, 5:15 PM (TST Live)
Newtown Pride FC vs. Supra United, 5:15 PM (TST Live)
ZALA vs. DC Hyper, 5:30 PM (TST Live)
Wrexham Red Dragons (men) vs. Saturday football, 6 p.m. (ESPNU)
Burnley (Men) vs Reggae Rovers, 6.30pm (TST Live)
Freedom United SC vs. Trident FC, 6:45 PM (TST live)
Desimpedidos vs. FC Roha Eagles, 6:45 PM (TST Live)
The CONCAFA SC vs. Nati SC, 7pm (ESPNU)
Hoya Nation vs. Hoosier Army, 7pm (TST Live)
Como-Cagliari vs. Villarreal CF, 7:30 PM (TST Live)
NCFC vs. City Soccer Society, 8:00 PM (TST Live)
Nani FC vs. Say Word FC, 8:15 PM (TST live)
Hashtag United vs. Manhattan Kickers, 8:15 PM (TST Live)
Aguero Team vs. La Mexicana Express, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN+)
Raleigh Rebels vs. Summer of Soccer FC, 8:30 PM
Father 7 vs. Toronto Athletic FC, 9pm (TST Live)
Tenfifteen FC vs. Kingdom FC, 9:30 PM (TST Live)
Au Vodka Swans vs. FitBodega Vancouver, 9:45 PM (TST Live)
Tobacco Road FC vs. Socceroof, 9:45 PM (TST Live)
Sneaky Fox FC vs. KwikGoal FC, 10pm (TST Live)
Pasha FC vs. Tranquilo FC, 10pm (TST Live)

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Thursday June 6
Supra United vs. DC Hyper, 11:30am (TST Live)
Newtown Pride FC vs. ZALA 11:30 AM (TST live)
Villarreal CF vs. City Soccer Society, 1:00 PM (TST Live)
Como-Cagliari vs. NCFC, 1:00 PM (TST Live)
Borussia Dortmind vs. Dueling for Lincoln FC, 2:30 PM (TST Live)
FC Bayern vs. The Town FC, 2:30 PM (TST Live)
Inter vs. Banheiristas FC, 4pm (TST Live)
Gracie FC vs. La Bombonera, 4pm (TST Live)
Sire 7 vs. Kingdom FC, 4:30 PM (TST Live)
Tenfifteen FC vs. Toronto Athletic FC, 4:30 PM (TST Live)
Wrexham Red Dragons (men) vs Desimpedidos, 5pm (ESPNU)
Saturday football vs. FC Roha Eagles, 5pm (TST Live)
Aguero Team vs. Nani FC, 6 p.m. (ESPNU)
La Mexicana Express vs. Say Word FC, 6:00 PM (TST Live)
Raleigh Rebels vs. Manhattan Kickers, 6pm (TST Live)
Hashtag United vs. Summer of Soccer FC, 6:00 PM (TST Live)
The CONCAFA SC vs. Burnley (men), 7:15 pm (ESPNU)
Nati SC vs Reggae Rovers, 7:15 PM (TST live)
Au Vodka Swans vs. Tobacco Road FC, 7:30 PM (TST Live)
FitBodega Vancouver vs. Socceroof, 7:30 PM (TST Live)
Hoosier Army vs. Freedom United SC, 7:30 PM (TST Live)
Hoya Nation vs. Trident FC, 7:30 PM (TST live)
KwikGoal FC vs Pasha FC, 8:45 PM (TST live)
Sneaky Fox FC vs. Tranquilo FC, 8:45 PM (TST Live)

Friday June 7 (morning session)
Burnley (women) v NC Courage9:30am (TST Live)
Tampa Bay Sun vs. Soccerhead, 10:15am (TST Live)
US Women vs. Steetball FC Canada, 12:00 PM (TST Live)
Wrexham Red Dragons (women) vs. Angel City 7s, 12:30pm (TST Live)

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Friday June 7 (evening session)
Burnley (women) vs Soccerhead, 6:15pm (TST Live)
American women vs. Angel City 7s, 7:30 PM (ESPN+)
NC Courage vs. Tampa Bay Sun, 8:15 PM (TST Live)
Wrexham Red Dragons (women) vs. Steetball FC Canada

Saturday June 8
Burnley (women) vs. Tampa Bay Sun, 5:30 PM (TST Live)
NC Courage vs. Soccerhead, 5:30 PM (TST Live)
US Women vs Wrexham Red Dragons (women), 8pm (ESPN+)
Angel City 7s vs. Streetball FC Canada, 8pm (TST Live)

Dates of the knockout stage

Knockout phase: Friday June 7-9

Finals: Monday June 10

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