Umbraclaw reveals theme song in new story trailer

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Japanese developer Inti Creates has revealed a new story trailer for Umbraclaw alongside launching preorders for the new action-adventure game.

The new trailer shows off the game’s theme song, “A Partner’s Promise”, as performed by main character Tsukumo (voiced by Yuko Natsuyoshi), who direly misses her cat – the protagonist cat Kuon.

Here’s a blurb on the game’s story, plus the new trailer:

Umbraclaw tells the story of Kuon, a house cat who has died in the mortal world, after she awakens in the Soulplane, a realm of the dead. She must challenge the perilous underworld to return home to her owner in this 2D action adventure.

Taking the helm of development on Umbraclaw, Blaster Master Zero director Satoru Nishizawa will show that cats are not just cute, but cool heroes as well. The game also features an enchanting, art-book graphical style with a hint of darkness that reflects its story.

Will Kuon be able to break through the Boundary to return home safely…

Umbraclaw is set to launch on May 30th for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5.

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